Current Projects

  • Fall 2017 ACE Project Space Projects

    November, 2017


    The project term is nearing it’s final weeks and our students have been working hard on a number of projects. Stay tuned in the new year to find out more about these projects:

    • Roof Bundle
    • Eclectic Software Travel App
    • e-Care Smart
    • PostEd
    • Democracy App
    • Building Information Modelling

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Past Projects

  • Spence Neighborhood Association

    June, 2017
    Currently, the data for the Spence Neighborhood Association is tracked in many different formats. Aggregating the data for reporting is tedious and timeSpence Neighbourhood Association consuming. Volunteers are using an arduous paper and manual recording process to track participant and volunteer attendance, making the data disorganized and inaccurate.

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  • Mortgage Bidder

    June, 2017

    Mortgage Bidder is Canada’s first mortgage interest rate marketplace. Whether you are in the market for a brand new house or looking to renew or refinance, Mortgage Bidder is designed to help users find the lowest rate.Mortgage Bidders


    When using the Mortgage Bidder website, users need to be able to perform mortgage calculations without leaving the ...

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  • Innovine

    June, 2017


    Innovine is a website that provides a space to steward ideas and innovations from all levels.

    Senior leaders will have the ability to clearly define the issue they want solved.

    The ideas going forward that have been approved will be visible to all teams, so that stakeholders will be able ...

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  • Manitoba Association of Food Banks

    June, 2017

    MB Assoc of Food Bank

    Students created a web-based application to enhance the current process of collecting food bank related information.

    The collection of information for the Hunger Count Report is made easier with forms that
    are filled out with a couple of clicks. A report summary can also ...

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  • CanU Canada

    June, 2017

    Currently CanU does all their attendance tracking through paperwork and excel spread sheets. This is not only time consuming but can also create error due to misprint in data. Every day after each program, their coordinator has to manually input all attendance for the day into Excel.

    Three BTM students developed a custom app in Salesforce for the tracking and updating of users attendance. The application also automatically enrolls students into programs. Users are able to assign students to teams and buses for better organization and reports. Users can query who is on what team and what bus at all times. A complete and customized Salesforce experience for CanU to use. This will reduce downtime and increase accuracy of attendance tracking.

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