Current Projects

  • Due North Systems – Part 1

    July, 2018
    Due North Systems logo and image

    Due North Systems

    Project Term: Winter 2018

    Due North Systems are James Warren and Jared Kozak, both Business Information Technology graduates of Red River College. As their first project through the ACE Project Space, they enlisted the help of our students to build out a platform to connect and deliver educational technologies.

    The problem domain was such that there was a gap in school systems to recruit and facilitate peer tutors. Most K-12 schools in the area didn’t have access to technologies to facilitate the process of recruiting and scheduling peer tutors. For students interested in becoming a peer tutor, the process wasn’t always clear or simple. Before Due North System’s web application, teachers were responsible for the manual upkeep and maintenance of peer tutoring activities.

    Our students worked with Due North Systems to automate and facilitate the needs of student and teacher peer tutoring activities. The web application they developed makes use of flexible and agile organization, and time management.

    By the end of the project, the Due North Systems had developed a product that has since been implemented in a number of Manitoba schools. Instead of managing peer tutors manually, teachers are able to use the web application to increase the number of peer tutors available because the process very manageable. It is also easier for teachers to recruit new tutors, those who now use Due North Systems peer tutoring application have doubled the number of students and tutors that they keep track of. Students are able to request appointments based on when they need help and reduce their waiting times to receive help. Teachers can now spend more time focusing as less time is required to organize tutors and students.

    Technologies used: Node JS, Angular, mongoDB, Docker, Type Script, Redis, Kubernetes, GraphQL

    Screenshot of Due North's Student Schedule view

    Screenshot of Due North’s Student Schedule view

    Screenshot of DueNorth's Student view to book a tutor

    Screenshot of DueNorth’s Student view to book a tutor

    Screenshot of Due North's Admin Dashboard

    Screenshot of Due North’s Admin Dashboard

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  • Winter 2018 ACE Project Space Projects

    January, 2018

    It is shaping up to be an exciting new term at the ACE Project Space. Our students are presently working on the following projects:

    Access To Law
    Building Information Modelling (Part 2)
    Can U (Part 2)
    Cassidy e-Care Smart (Part 2)
    Due North
    Food Research
    Open Democracy Manitoba
    Random Transport
    Tooliaba (Part 2)

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Past Projects

  • Chekkit, an ACE Project Space Success Story

    January, 2018
    Chekkit have been 'Entrepreneurs In Residence' here at the ACE Project space since early 2017 and have been working with students from our Applied Computer Education department's Business Information Technology program. Chekkit Wifi Marketing and Analytics is the brainchild of Daniel Fayle, Myles Hiebert, Lee Klimpke and Emily Franz-Lien, whose aim is to help businesses build loyalty programs through Wi-Fi login pages and text messages.

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  • e-Care Smart – Part 1

    January, 2018
    view of treatment plan page e-Care Smart is a project created to address the need for chronically ill people to be under constant medical care and supervision. The students worked from a client-provided mock-up. This web-application allows for direct interaction between patients and medical practitioners, where doctors are able to prescribe medication and treatment for their patients online. An alerts system allows doctors to track patients condition, study the pattern and prevent dangerous outcomes.

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  • Eclectic – Explore Manitoba

    January, 2018
    Municipality screen in mobile format Tourism has been increasing in Manitoba over the past years. Entrepreneur, Simone Allard, saw an need for an application that could feature different historical sites and landmarks found in Manitoba Municipalities. Currently users would have to go to multiple tourism websites for more information about a site giving very little information on them. Our ACE Project Space students created a web based application that will act as a central hub for all municipalities in Manitoba. This application is a way to motivate users to go out and explore sites and events found in municipalities. Users will be able to navigate to different sites and events, plan their own trips within the app, or follow pre-made trips. This will also increase the tourism helping a municipality’s economy.

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  • RoofBundle Estimating Web-App

    January, 2018
    The majority of roofing companies in the industry are making their employees draw a sketch of a roof based on measurements taken for at least 75 percent of the roofs that are contracted to be built or repaired. Once this process has been completed the roofers need to take the data they have complied as well as the sketch and upload it into a system that the company is using. Entrepreneur-In-Residence, David Peters, realized this is an ineffective way of doing business due to the fact most of the roofing job requests happen during a two-week span at two specific times of the year. The current process slows down how quickly the turn around time is therefore cutting into the number of clients they can accept, business profits, etc. The students at the ACE Project Space built a web-application to present a solution to this challenge. The solution is "RoofBundle", an application where the roofers can compile the data of the roof they have gathered into a form and sketch the roof digitally. Once the roofer has completed that step then the application should build an estimate of the cost of building/repairing the roof, a work order of job, and a purchase order of the materials necessary to complete the job. The students built a comprehensive content management system, and delivered a minimal viable product on this job: a website where the roofer can login; fill out all the necessary forms for the complied roof data they have; and generate an estimate.

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  • PostEd: Student Activity Planner

    January, 2018
    The ACE Project Space students developed PostEd, a web application conceptualized by post-secondary students for post-secondary students. PostEd, formerly Connexus, is an idea that started from four university students: David Teffaine, Brett Swope, Sam Cohen and Carson Milberg. The purpose of the web application is to show nearby free and paid events on a user calendar within the app. Users will be able to show interest in a variety of events. This tools allows users to post events, subscribe to events, and plan their social calendar around their post-secondary institution. In the second phase of their project they plan to provide all the information they'd need to assist students to find the right scholarship the app filters students' selections (GPA, faculty, etc.) and customizes the results for the them.

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