ACE Project Space

Photo of 2015 Fall BIT Project students in front of Massey Building

Photo of Fall 2015 BIT Project students

The ACE Project Space is a place dedicated for BIT and BTM students who have finished the third term of their studies to work on a real projects proposed by an organization. Each project is reviewed by ACE staff to make sure that it meets the department’s standards, time frame and challenges the students. ACE encourages startups to come forward with proposals for projects for students where ACE instructors typically act as the project managers and the advisors for the students. ACE instructors also advise the startups on the project itself to make sure that the organization has considered the market needs and the impact of the project on the organization.

It is a win-win situation where the students will work on quality projects that will have a definite impact on the organization. At the same time the organizations benefits from the relationship developed with ACE instructors and staff who are more than willing to give directions on best practices and on developing a long term business strategy that fosters and  encourages innovation.

Students Working in the Project Space

Students Working in the Project Space

The ACE Project Space is encouraging BIT students to become successful business owners in a very competitive field. BIT Space Development is one example that demonstrates that.  Other current students are thinking of repeating the same experience of BIT Space Development.

Benefits to Students

Students work on quality projects that will have a definite impact. They work in teams using the latest technologies to create real, innovative, and meaningful projects that they can later showcase to future employers. Students work closely with industry leaders, innovative start-ups, and college instructors to advance their skills in their chosen field.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

Students know the basics of many technologies from their studies in the BIT and BTM programs including: application development, web development, networking, and database development. BTM students will also have skills in business analysis, design, and management practices. Students are interested, enthusiastic, and engaged workers and are excited to experience developing a real project while working with an equally enthusiastic entrepreneur.

By participating in the ACE Project Space, entrepreneurs and start-ups benefit from the relationship developed with the ACE Department instructors and staff.  The ACE team is more than willing to give direction to entrepreneurs on best practices and on developing a long term business strategy that fosters and encourages innovation.

How Do I Become an Entrepreneur-In-Residence?

Entrepreneurs that are the best fit for the ACE Project Space require a technology related solution that can include analysis, design and creation of a software application. These projects can include creation and development of websites and databases, providing an online presence to market a product or service, or developing a mobile application. We want to ensure that the project matches the skills of the students as much as possible. Students working on projects in the ACE Project Space will be using Agile project management, so entrepreneurs familiar with Agile would be a good fit. Entrepreneurs-In-Residence must be willing to mentor students and encourage them to pursue their own ideas and to become future entrepreneurs.

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