Creating an E-Portfolio

An e-portfolio is a way for you to keep track of your learning and to have something to present to employers when you graduate.

Why Create an E-Portfolio?

• To help you get a job
• To help you take control of your own learning
• To help you keep track of what you learned
• To help you prepare for job interviews
• To help you be more confident

What To Include in an E-Portfolio

• Letters of reference
• Thank you letters
• Transcripts
• Degrees, diplomas or certificates
• Awards (ex: honour roll certificate)
• Examples of technology skills
• Photographs
• Volunteering and community work
• Resume
• Cover letter
• Peer reviews
• Instructor reviews
• Links
• Course outlines

How To Create an E-Portfolio

There are many online resources to help you build an e-portfolio such as and If you would like to create an offline portfolio, a tool such as Microsoft OneNote is a good option.

Be sure to keep your portfolio as organized and detailed as possible,  building a portfolio over time will ensure that all your skills and work are represented and can be drawn from when needed.