Computer Applications for Business

What is Computer Applications for Business?

Computer Applications for Business (CAB) is a 20-month diploma program that starts each September at the RRC Exchange District Campus. The program is designed to provide Aboriginal students with Microsoft Office training, business communication skills, and office procedures for use in administrative support positions.

The program runs through five consecutive semesters (with short breaks). Students who successfully complete all five semesters (including a 16-week work placement experience) will be eligible to receive a CAB Diploma. Students who complete all the requirements of the first two semesters and an eight-week work placement experience will be eligible to receive a CAB Certificate.

Note: Computer Applications for Business was previously called Information and Office Administration.

What can you expect to learn?

The program is designed to teach Aboriginal students to manage information with Microsoft Office, prepare accurate business correspondence, understand basic accounting, and communicate effectively and profes- sionally in business environments while respecting cultural diversity. Computer Applications for Business also helps students to develop problem-solving, self-management, and administrative support skills; and to balance professional and personal priorities in a changing environment.

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