Aboriginal Program for College Enrichment and Transition

What is Aboriginal Program for College Enrichment and Transition?

The Aboriginal Program for College Enrichment and Transition (APCET) is a one-year certificate program with a September intake. It’s designed to examine and increase individual and cultural identity, to guide individual development, to establish direction, to explore career opportunities, to create a life-long learning path and to obtain the prerequisites for entry into career/technical/academic programs or the workforce.

Primary goals are encouraging students with the development and achievement of their own learning potential, taking ownership of their learning, and enhancing their ability to access supports as they move toward their chosen career.

What can you expect to learn?

Project-based courses in the program are designed to support students as they acquire greater success in life skills, reading, writing, math, science, technology along with individual, cultural, career and community development. The program staff and instructors strive to validate cultural identity, career aspirations and to influence academic excellence. Various instructional strategies and methodologies will be fully utilized to focus on the holistic approach in the development of individual competencies.

APCET will:

  • Prepare student with the expectations of a post-secondary level education.
  • Guide the development of critical individual, cultural and personal skills.
  • Emphasize the development of essential academic skills and aptitudes.
  • Provide the opportunity for deciding and making informed career decisions.
  • Develop practical critical thinking and problem solving approaches.
  • Allow students to pursue a range of post-secondary programs.

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