People Profiles


“There are so many useful training opportunities and workshops available (for staff development) – I took a whole certificate by attending evening classes. And having the gym available to staff to use for free – amazing!”

Margarita Natcheva – Immigrant Student Advisor

Margarita truly believes in community and she makes a conscious effort every day to create this, not only for immigrant and international students at RRC but for the college as a whole. After 4 years with RRC she still loves what she does and looks forward every day to listening (and relating) to the stories that students bring to her. When she’s not busy in the Diversity Centre you’ll likely find her participating in RRC teams like the Great Grain Relay and Dragon Boat Racing, and learning new recipes from students.



“What’s important to me (about working at RRC) is that the college is a supportive environment. It has recently been nominated for two human rights awards for our work on LGBTT rights and issues at the college.”

David Hykaway – Educational Assistant, Library Services

David has been with RRC for over 15 years. As Chair of the LGBTT* Initiative Steering Committee David is proud of the work that has been accomplished at RRC, including building a community built on supporting gender equality and identity. Also as a past convocation volunteer, David enjoys witnessing the progression of students from their first jumbled days at college and watching them grow through their RRC education – seeing the students he works with graduate is a rewarding experience.