Dental Coverage

September 19, 2017 • Written by

As part of Red River College’s group benefits, Employees in Flex Options 1, 2, 4 or 5 may have coverage for a variety of dental benefits. Your coverage is based on your Flex Option choice.

Accidental Dental       

Did you know that Dental Accident Treatment is included under the Extended Health Care benefit instead of the Dental Benefit? You may have coverage for Dental Accident Treatment if you are enrolled in Flex Options 2, 4, or 5.

If you incur a dental injury, treatment to sound natural teeth must start within 90 days after the accident unless treatment has been delayed due to a medical condition.

A sound natural tooth means a tooth that did not require restorative treatment immediately before the accident and has not been artificially replaced.

Dental Reasonable and Customary Charges

Did you know that the Dental benefits are subject to reasonable and customary charges?

What is customary – The plan covers customary charges, meaning that they must not exceed the Dental Fee Guide in effect in your province of residence on the date the treatment is rendered. Denturist Fee Guides are applicable when services are provided by a denturist and Dental Hygienist Fee Guides are applicable when services are provided by a dental hygienist practicing independently.

What is reasonable – Treatment is considered reasonable if it is recognized by the Canadian Dental Association, it is proven to be effective, and it is of a form, frequency and duration essential to the management of the person’s dental health. Treatment must also be performed by a dentist or under a dentist’s supervision, performed by a dental hygienist entitled by the law to practice independently or performed by a denturist.

Supporting Your Wellness

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For the RRC EFAP User ID and password, please contact Human Resources Services at 204-632-2319, refer to one of the EFAP posters around campus, or click here.

Do You Have Dependent Children?

August 16, 2017 • Written by

Don’t forget to reconfirm Student Status!

To ensure your dependent children, age 22 to 25, continue to receive uninterrupted Health and Dental coverage for the duration of their formal education, be sure to update their student status with Great-West Life each year.

Is your Dependent Child eligible?

If you have unmarried, natural, adopted or step children, under the age of 22 and not working more than 30 hours per week, unless they are full-time students, they are eligible for coverage through your group benefits plan with Great-West Life. If your child is age 22 or over, they must be a full-time student to maintain coverage until age 25.

Is your Dependent Child considered a full-time student?

A child is considered a full-time student if they have registered in an education institution for 15 hours a week or more; sometime in the last 6 months. Your child is no longer deemed a dependent if they are being paid to attend an educational institution.

Is your child covered while studying abroad?

Your dependent child will remain on your Health and Dental plan for the duration of their education, or until they reach age 25 as long as approval is given by the student’s provincial health plan and meet the definition of eligible dependent child noted above. For more information on your provincial health plan, visit

Keep in mind, any routine or non-emergency services or expenses such as chiropractic care or prescription drugs incurred out-of-country will be reimbursed at the reasonable and customary amount charged in your home province of residence.

If you feel your dependent’s coverage is inadequate and require additional individual coverage, plans purchased in Canada for students abroad can be significantly less expensive than plans available through post-secondary institutions. Red River College Employees have access to HUB Emerge Personal Benefits which provides information and assistance in obtaining individual Health, Dental and Travel coverage. Contact HUB at 1-866-756-3281 or e-mail for more information.

STRATA Select Travel Insurance

Through our affiliation with HUB International, we are able to offer our employees products and services at discounted or preferred rates through the Voluntary STRATA Select Program.

Hub International partnered with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers Inc. to offer many competitive travel insurance options including:

  • Annual Plans
  • Single Trip Plans
  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Baggage Loss Insurance coverage
  • Top-Up Days for travel of up to any duration available
  • Full coverage for Existing Medical Conditions
  • Family Rates, Travel within Canada, and Travelling Companion Discounts
  • Deductible Options
  • Super Visa Insurance for family members coming to Canada for extended or multiple trips

This program is 100% voluntary for any Employee requiring additional coverage, leaving the Group Plan or in need of coverage for a family member. Log on to your STRATA Select website for more information and instructions on how to request a quote.

Supporting Your Wellness

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For the RRC EFAP User ID and password, please contact Human Resource Services at 204-632-2319, refer to one of the EFAP posters around campus, or click here.

High Blood Pressure

July 21, 2017 • Written by

High Blood Pressure

23% of Canadian adults are affected by high blood pressure according to the 2016 Express Scripts Drug Trend Report[1]. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is when the force of blood against your blood vessels is too high while circulating throughout your body.[2] Though high blood pressure is somewhat common, not everyone knows if they have hypertension. It is important to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis and consult your health care provider with any concerns. High blood pressure can lead to various health risks if not monitored and well controlled. Possible serious health risks include:[3]

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure
  • Dementia
  • Kidney (renal) disease
  • Eye problems (retinopathy)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Several causes of high blood pressure can be controlled. An unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and stress are a few causes that can be controlled by lifestyle changes. Our Employee and Family Assistance Program through LifeWorks is a great resource to assist you in making these lifestyle changes.

While some causes of high blood pressure can be controlled, other causes of high blood pressure can’t be such as age and family history. Be proactive, know your family’s history of high blood pressure.[4]

For more information on high blood pressure and how to prevent or control hypertension, visit the Hypertension Canada website here.

STRATA Select Home Phone Program

The STRATA Select Program offers discounts on a variety of products and services. Through West Can, the Home Phone Program provides plans only $14.00 per month, plus 95 cents per month for 911. Plans are also available for subscribers who are heavy long distance users.

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[1] Gerber, John and Po, Priscilla. Express Scripts. (2017). Drug Trend Report 2016. Mississauga, Express Scripts Canada, 2017.

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Prescription Drugs

June 21, 2017 • Written by

Prescription Drugs

The group benefits plan provides coverage for Drugs that require a prescription and are eligible under the provincial formulary. The Manitoba Formulary is constantly changing, with Pharmacare adding and removing drugs frequently. You are encouraged to discuss with your doctor and/or pharmacist to determine whether your medication is considered formulary or non-formulary and to make sure it is the right choice for you.

There are three different levels of drug coverage under the Manitoba formulary:

  • Part 1 – regardless of the need, the prescription is covered.
  • Part 2 – the prescription is covered only when prescribed for a specific condition which must be noted; if the condition is not specified on the prescription or not eligible, the medication will not be eligible.
  • Part 3 – Exception Drug Status (EDS) medications – medications listed in this category are only eligible if you have received prior approval from Manitoba Pharmacare.

In addition, if you have high drug costs Pharmacare may pay your prescription drug costs once you have reached your annual deductible. Your Pharmacare deductible is based on both your total family income, and the amount you pay for eligible prescription drugs. Application to Pharmacare can either be made on a one-time basis or annually. For more information on Pharmacare and to calculate your Pharmacare deductible, please visit their website at

For more information or to check if your drug is eligible under the Manitoba Formulary click here.

Exception Drug Status

Approval for Part 3 medications is given on a case-by-case basis. Your doctor must submit the application on your behalf to Manitoba Health. Manitoba Health will send you a letter confirming your eligibility for coverage. If you are approved, simply send a copy of the letter to Great-West Life to have your record updated for the period of time as outlined on you letter and retain the original. Reimbursement will not be issued unless a copy of the approval is provided.

Generic Substitution

Our plan includes generic substitution, which means that the drug prescribed by the doctor will be automatically exchanged with the lowest priced generic equivalent. The only exception to this is if your doctor has indicated on the prescription that there is no substitution allowed. Please note, a generic equivalent must have the same therapeutic benefit as the associated brand name medication.

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For the RRC EFAP User ID and password, please contact Human Resource Services at 204-632-2319, refer to one of the EFAP posters around campus, or click here.


Aileen Najduch – Executive Director, Community and Student Services

August 19, 2016 • Written by

Aileen Najduch H.B.O.R., B.Sc., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. was born and raised in Winnipeg.  Aileen has undergraduate degrees from Lakehead University and Queens University and an M.Ed. from University of Manitoba. Aileen spent the early part of her career in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, starting as a classroom teacher in remote Arctic communities and progressing to the position of Territorial Curriculum Consultant for Math and Science.  Aileen’s early experience working with youth in Northern Manitoba and teaching experiences in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories has provided a grounding in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) perspectives and an understanding of the critical role education plays in the success of FNMI youth

In 1995 Aileen returned to Manitoba to work for the Department of Education developing the Kindergarten to grade 12 provincial science curriculum.  Over her 21 years with the Department of Education she was promoted from consultant, to coordinator, to director, and after 12 years with the department, to Assistant Deputy Minister for the School Programs Division. Serving as Assistant Deputy Minister for the past eight years, Aileen has provided strategic leadership in this broad portfolio, responsible for everything from curriculum development, provincial assessments, supporting students with diverse learning needs, to the delivery of distance learning opportunities.

Aileen’s skill in establishing collaborative partnerships with educational stakeholders has been crucial to the success of the Task Force of Special Needs Funding as well as earlier work on the development of the first ever-provincial report card.   Most recently, in response to a large influx of refugees from countries such as Syria, Aileen led the efforts to facilitate the establishment of supports and services in local schools that made the successful transition of these students into Manitoba classrooms possible. Aileen has served as the Manitoba representative to the Council of Minister of Education on numerous projects, including a recent initiative focussed on Student Transitions.

Outside of work, Aileen demonstrates her commitment to the community by volunteering for numerous charities including serving as Board Chair of Community Living Interlake and previously, as chair of the Manitoba Children’s Museum.  Aileen is an enthusiastic and active canoe tripper and holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Arnold Boldt, O.C. – Executive Director, Academic

August 19, 2016 • Written by

Arnold BoldA sporting icon, Red River College alumni, and a leader in post-secondary education, Arnold Boldt, O.C. brings more than 20 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in post-secondary education throughout northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He’s well versed with learner focused education, skills and apprenticeship training, academic programming, applied research and scholarship, and government and post-secondary relations.

His years’ in post-secondary education have allowed him to serve in a variety of roles both here in Manitoba and in Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Red River College, Arnold held various senior executive roles at Saskatchewan Polytechnic including dean of technology, associate vice president, learning & teaching and interim provost and vice president, academic. He also served in several roles at Keewatin Community College (now University College of the North) over a twelve-year period: as an instructor, coordinator, chair and principal, academic programs.

In the 1970s Boldt established himself as the world’s top amputee high jumper, garnering invitations to both disability sport and able-bodied track meets. Boldt’s World and Paralympic High Jump record set in 1980 still stands at 1.96m.

Through his prosthetician, Boldt learned about sport for amputees and competed at six Paralympics for Canada winning his first pair of gold medals at the 1976 Toronto Olympiad for the Disabled. After 1976 Boldt attended the University of Saskatchewan and University of Manitoba and competed for the track team in the high jump at the CIAU (CIS) level; he set his highest indoor jump of 2.08 as a U of M Bison at the 1980 Winnipeg Tribune Indoor Games.

For his life-long contributions to sport for the disabled and advocacy for disabled people, Arnold was invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada by the Governor General in 2012 and is a recipient of the Queen’s Golden (2002) Jubilee and Diamond (2012) Medals.  In 2016 he was awarded the Chair Academy’s Idahlynn Karre International Exemplary Leadership Award, San Antonio, Texas

Arnold holds a CAE from Red River College, B.Th. from Canadian Mennonite Bible College (now CMU), a B.A. (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba, and a M.Ed. from the University of British Columbia.

Riva Harrison – Executive Director, Strategy and Communications

August 19, 2016 • Written by

Riva Harrison has 25 plus years of experience and education in strategic development, senior management, communications and journalism.

Harrison comes to Red River College from CentrePort Canada Inc., where she served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications and a key member of the team that has built North America’s largest tri-modal inland port from the ground up. Harrison is also an outgoing member of the board of directors for Travel Manitoba.

Harrison previously worked for the Province of Manitoba, leading on the development of strategic communications, crisis management and on a wide range of projects and priorities including MTS Centre, downtown Red River College campus, the Red River Floodway expansion and the annual provincial budget.

Prior to joining government, Harrison worked as a reporter and columnist at the Winnipeg Sun. Harrison covered politics, news, sports, and arts and culture during her 11 years at the paper, winning two prestigious Manitoba Human Rights Commission journalism awards. Harrison is an award-winning graduate of Creative Communications at Red River College.

Ray Hoemsen – Executive Director, Research Partnerships and Innovation

July 21, 2016 • Written by

Ray HoemsenRay Hoemsen, FEC, P. Eng., has led the establishment and growth of the applied research enterprise at Red River College since 2004, when he was appointed Director, Applied Research & Commercialization. In 2016, Ray became Executive Director, Research Partnerships & Innovation.

During his tenure, a robust research enterprise has evolved, supported by many corporate, academic and government partners – leading to ~$25-million in capital investments for research infrastructure, annual research revenue of nearly $6-million, Canadian and international research partnerships, a consistent Top 10 Canadian Research College ranking, the prestigious Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council College Synergy Award for Innovation to recognize RRC’s decade-long research partnership with Manitoba Hydro “to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability in the region”; and the Colleges and Institutes Canada Gold Leadership Excellence Award.

Ray has specialized in The Business of Science™ since 1986, after first working with Versatile Farm Equipment and the Manitoba Research Council. He has served as the University of Manitoba’s founding Director of the Industry Liaison Office, the Vice-President/Director of Operations for the University’s Smart Park Development Corporation, and the inaugural Visiting Executive/Manager of NSERC-Prairies; as well as with the Manitoba Institute of Child Health, TRLabs, and the University of Winnipeg. As President of NEXUS Manitoba, he has focused upon innovation, technology transfer and Canada’s SR&ED program. Ray has volunteered with over 70 professional, technical, sports, and community organizations.

Ray holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering (University of Manitoba) and is an alumni of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.

Tracy Cappello – Executive Director, Finance and Campus Services

July 4, 2016 • Written by

Tracy is from Misericordia Health Centre (MHC), where her most recent position was as Chief Financial Officer.  Over the last 20 years, she has held progressively responsible senior leadership positions in large, complex non-profit organizations, including MHC, Mount Carmel Clinic, Diagnostic Services Manitoba, and Donwood Manor Group. The portfolios she supervised consisted of Finance, Budgeting, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Facility Services, Food Services, Security, and Capital Planning.  Prior to entering the healthcare field, Tracy spent 15 years as an entrepreneur, primarily in the food services industry.

In her new role at Red River College, Tracy will lead a portfolio made up of Financial Services, Budgeting, Facility Management, Security Services, Ancillary Services, Food Services, and Corporate Legal, Risk Management & Insurance Services. She will draw on her experience in building strong project teams, managing projects, improving processes, and planning and implementing technology initiatives, as well as her focus on sustainability and resource utilization, to guide and mentor her new team.

In addition to her professional accounting designation, Tracy holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management and Six Sigma Training. Her community activities include serving as a Board Member of the United Way for the last three years.

Lori Grandmont – Chief Human Resource Officer

June 28, 2016 • Written by

Lori GrandmontLori joined Red River College in 2008 and has served as Acting Vice President, Human Resources & Sustainability since January 2015.

While at the college she has led Human Resources, Staff Learning & Development, Environmental Health & Safety, Discrimination & Harassment, Equity & Diversity, Compensation & Benefits, and Sustainability programs & services.

Lori has 17 years senior leadership experience in the human resource field including a member of the Executive for Family Services & Housing with the Province of Manitoba.

Lori is the Chair of the Labour Management Committee, Co-chair of the Wellness Steering Committee and a member of the Indigenous Achievement Committee. She provides leadership and oversight to the College’s Leadership Development Strategy, and the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Strategy.

Lori has extensive training in human resources & leadership. She is the past Vice President of The Hubbell Awards Inc. Board, which fundraises to provide scholarships to Cadets. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Housing Authority and Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation.