Workplace Equity and Diversity

In 2013 the position of  Workplace Equity and Diversity Coordinator was created and a Workplace Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee was established. The scope of the position encompasses both employment equity and diversity.  Equity is focused on the four designated groups (Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, women in non- traditional jobs) established in legislation; diversity includes everyone.

RRC Strategic Plan Goals & Values (2012-2015)

Partner with the community at large and the Aboriginal and immigrant communities in particular to support and enhance the economic and social progress of Manitoba.
(RRC Strategic Plan 2012-2015)

Respect: we believe in honoring the worth of others by demonstrating fairness, courtesy and compassion.

Inclusiveness: we believe in fostering a diverse community and striving for greater inclusiveness.
(RRC Strategic Plan 2012-2015)

It is within this context of integrating workplace equity and diversity goals into the overall College H R policies and practices, and in relation to the College’s Strategic Plan (2012-2015) that the equity diversity strategy has been created.

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