The Investigation Process

Under the College’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy, an investigation into a complaint of discrimination or harassment may take place following the submission of a formal written complaint where the matter is found to fall within the scope of the Policy and where it is determined that an investigation is appropriate.

The following is a synopsis of the steps involved in a typical investigation:

  • The Respondent will be informed that a complaint has been made and will be given a copy of the written complaint as well as the Discrimination and Harassment Policy. The Respondent will also be advised of their right to have a support person accompany them at any time during the investigation process.
  • The Respondent will be asked to submit their written response to the complaint and the Complainant will thereafter be given a copy of the written response.
  • The Investigator will conduct separate interviews with the Complainant and the Respondent. (A support person may be present during these interviews, but must act solely in a supportive capacity and not interfere with the conduct of the interview.)
  • The Investigator will interview relevant witnesses and review pertinent documentation and other evidence.
  • After all interviews have taken place and information gathered and reviewed, the Investigator will prepare a written Investigation Report. This report will include a decision as to whether the Respondent has breached the Discrimination and Harassment Policy.
  • The Complainant and the Respondent will be given a written summary of the Investigation Report. (In exceptional circumstances they may be provided with a full copy of the report.)
  • If the outcome of the investigation is that the Respondent did not breach the Policy, no further action will be taken. (Note: If it is found that the Complainant made the complaint merely for the purpose of annoying or embarrassing a person, disciplinary or other corrective action may be taken against the Complainant.)
  • If the outcome of the investigation is that the Respondent did breach the Policy, corrective action will be determined by the appropriate Administrator (in consultation with Human Resource Services in the case of an employee).

The Respondent will be advised in writing by the Administrator what corrective action has been determined and a copy of this written notification will be filed in the Respondent’s official employment file (in the case of an employee) or in the Respondent’s official student file (in the case of a student).

The Complainant will be advised by the Discrimination and Harassment Officer that corrective action has been taken, but won’t be informed about the particulars of that corrective action unless, in the opinion of the Discrimination and Harassment Officer, extenuating circumstances warrant doing so.