About Human Resource Services

In support of Red River College’s Strategic Plan, Human Resource Services and Staff Learning and Development are committed to delivering professional and timely consultative services on a full range of Human Resource functions to all employees.

In addition to participating and contributing to College-wide initiatives, we deliver professional consultative services in areas including:

  • Recruitment and Selection – ensuring maintenance of a competent and effective workforce.
  • Job Evaluation – that is consistent and equitably applied
  • Organizational Design
  • Labour Relations – managing grievances, facilitating discussions to resolve disputes and investigating complaints, and contract negotiations
  • Advisory, Consulting and Counseling for:
    • Performance Management
    • Employee Development Planning
    • Succession Planning
    • Absenteeism Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Policy and Collective Agreement Interpretation
  • Supportive Employment Services – including facilitating return to work plans and workplace accommodations
  • Learning and Development – an array of learning opportunities aimed at enhancing organizational and professional effectiveness

For more information, see the complete list of Red River College Human Resource Services staff and the Schools/Departments they support.

Red River College’s Heritage Group

The Heritage Group’s purpose is to provide a forum that is of mutual benefit to Red River College and its retirees. The group advocates for RRC retirees and organizes monthly events and social activities as well as a “field trip” and lunch each May as an annual wind-up.

The group produces a bi-monthly newsletter from September to May and operates a blog, which contains information about College events and retirements, Heritage Group activities as well as current and former employee passages.

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