Forms and Files

We’ve collected the forms and files you may need in one convenient location. Some .PDFs will require you to right+click, then “Save As…” in order to access them completely from your computer.

Residence Application Form (Fall 2017 & Fall/Winter 2017-2018
Campus Living Meal Plan Contract
Meal Contract Exemption
Meal Plan Early Contract Termination
Residence Contract
Residence Contract Early Termination
Release of Information Form
Tenant Insurance Application 2017/2018

Residence Application Form

Apply online or download a Residence Application Form complete it with your personal information, and mail it (or drop it off), with your application fee, to the Campus Living Office.

For full details, see How to Apply.

Maintenance and Supply Requests

If you have a leaking tap, plugged toilet, broken bed frame, malfunctioning fridge, etc., please submit a maintenance and supply requests to the RRC Campus Living Office using your Case Log account.

For emergencies such as fire or severe water leakage, contact Security immediately.

You can use the Case Log system to request replacements for consumable items such as light bulbs. Toilet paper and cleaning supplies are the responsibility of the resident.

Meal Plan Contract

There is no Meal Plan for Spring 2017.

For information on Winter 2017 download and read the Campus Living Meal Plan Contract

For details on meal plans, see Meal Plans.

Meal Contract Exemption

Students with special religious and/or dietary requirements may request an exemption from the meal plan.

To request an exemption, download the Meal Plan Contract Exemption and submit it to the Campus Living Office for consideration.

Residence Contract

See Residence Contract.

Contract Early Termination

If you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to live in residence, you may apply for an Early Termination up to two months after the start date of the term.

Party and Event Requests

Submit all party & event requests to the Campus Living Office by email at least 2 business days prior to proposed date. You request should include the time, location, number of people, activity, and host information.

A party is any gathering of 10 or more persons in the Residence building where alcohol is being consumed.

  • Impromptu or unauthorized parties are prohibited.
  • There must be at least one Host or RA for every 10 guests at the party
  • The Hosts must not consume alcohol, must be present and available for the entire function, and must assume responsibility for the actions of all guests.
  • It is prohibited to sell alcohol or charge admission.
  • Any noise from the party must be limited to the inside of the party location.
  • Any infraction of the Community Standards will result in disciplinary action. Residents and/or guests will be required to make restitution for any damages. In the case of damage to College property, if the guilty party cannot be identified, charges for repairs and/or cleaning will be assessed against the host(s).
  • Campus Living may call for a floor meeting before the party, and has full authority to cancel the party at any time.
  • A designate of Campus Living may visit any party to ensure that these rules and conditions are being observed.
  • Party Hosts are responsible for all cleaning within 1 hour post-event.

For information see Events & Parties in the Rules of Residence Living.

Release of Information Form

This from grants to the Campus Living Office permission to discuss your private information with anyone you name. Your private information is protected by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FIPPA) and includes details about your financial account, discipline matters, phone number, address, etc. It is entirely your discretion who you allow us to speak with; if you want someone to be able to ask questions about your account (eg: a sponsor, parent, etc), you’ll need to fill this in and submit it. You can download it here: FIPPA Release Form