Rules of Residence Living


When a suspected incident occurs, an incident report is written by College staff and/or Security personnel.

Those involved in the incident are interviewed by the Manager of Campus Living.

During the meeting the involved person(s) are given the opportunity to give a statement and are informed of some information regarding the report. The involved

are given the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise. The Manager of Campus Living is responsible to specify the sanction and communicates these sanctions to the Resident participants by email and/or letter.


The Resident must abide by the terms of The Acceptable use of Information Technology and Resources Policies and Procedures.


  • Door-to-door selling or soliciting is prohibited in Residence
  • All advertisements in common areas must be approved by Campus Any advertisement that has not been approved will be taken down.
  • Under NO circumstances are any advertisements to be distributed to Residents under their doors without permission from the Manager of Campus Living
  • Advertising will NOT be accepted for liquor functions.
  • Poster content and images CANNOT be offensive in nature; this includes any image visible from the resident room window or doorway
  • Residents may not host personal business events or promotions in Residence without the permission of the Manager of Campus Living



  • Minors: Alcohol may not be possessed or consumed by any person under the legal drinking age in the Province of Manitoba
  • Prohibited Areas for Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol may not be consumed in public spaces including, but not limited to, hallways, stairwells, elevators, lobby, and/or laundry rooms on Residence property
  • Consumption of Alcohol: Drinking and/or carrying open liquor is permitted only within the resident’s room and lounges
  • Transport of Alcohol: Alcohol may only be transported in a closed container
  • Over-consumption of alcohol prohibited: Consuming alcohol to the point of extreme intoxication, or when a student becomes a burden on others, or is a danger to themselves and/or community, is prohibited
  • “Common source” alcohol prohibited: Possession and/or consumption of “common source” alcohol is prohibited
  • “Drinking games” prohibited: Participating in “drinking games” in The College reserves the right to confiscate alcohol related paraphernalia deemed to be associated with mass consumption of alcohol or its promotion in residence.
  • Student Rooms/Lounges: Must not exceed more than 10 people at any time when alcohol is being consume All requests for more than 10 people in a room must be completed at a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and will be reviewed by the Manager of Campus Living for approval.


Residents and guests are prohibited from trafficking, possessing, using, or consuming any illegal drug in Residence.

Evidence of drug traces or drug paraphernalia, or the smell of a prohibited substance (e.g., marijuana) on residence property will be assumed to be conclusive of use or possession.

The College reserves the right to confiscate and dispose of all drug-related paraphernalia deemed to be associated with use or promotion of drugs.

Residents found or associated with any drug use will, at a minimum, receive a $50.00 fine for a first-time offence and be placed on Residence Probation.


Red River College is committed to a Workplace and Learning Environment free from discrimination and harassment. This applies to anyone who is an employee or student of the College engaged in duties or activities having a substantial connection to the College, on or off campus – this includes Residents of Campus Living.

The College does not condone behaviour that is likely to undermine the dignity or productivity of any of its members, and prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment, whether it occurs on College property or in conjunction with College related activities. The College and all members of the College community, particularly those in leadership roles, share the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a climate of respect within this community and of addressing any situation(s) in which respect is lacking.

In addition, the College is committed to meeting its obligations as an employer under both the Manitoba Human Rights Code and the Workplace Safety and Health Act, and will ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that no member of the College community is subject

to human rights discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment or personal harassment as defined at law and the Red River College Harassment and Discrimination Office.

The College will endeavour to ensure that individuals who believe that they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination are able to express concerns and register complaints without fear of retaliation or reprisal. The College will act promptly and efficiently to deal with incidents of harassment and/or discrimination, and take corrective action respecting any member of the College community who breaches this Policy.

Any allegation of discrimination or harassment should be addressed by RRC’s Discrimination and Harassment Office which may result in an informal resolution, an investigation, and/or a determination (at which point discipline may be imposed). Campus Living will work with the Discrimination and Harassment Office to protect the safety and well-being of both the complainant and the respondent, which may include the temporary removal of one or both parties from Residence.

The complete Discrimination and Harassment Policy is accessible here


Residents are expected to take reasonable care in maintaining the cleanliness of their rooms and washrooms. Any spoiled food or unclean dishes found in public spaces will be disposed of, with no reimbursement to the Resident. Although the building has cleaning staff to clean public spaces, Residents should expect to participate in the general cleaning of these common areas. Residents are asked to keep their personal possessions in their rooms, not in the common areas.

Health & Safety Inspections can occur weekly, monthly, or each term by Campus Living staff.

Residents are required to dispose of all garbage and recycling, by bringing it to the designated areas in room B02. Any resident found to be leaving garbage, recycling, and/or other belongings in any other space may be charged to have it removed.


The following kinds of behaviour and items are prohibited throughout Residence. Violations of these policies may result in fines and/or eviction.

  • Violent behavior towards staff, Residents, guests, or property
  • Participating in dangerous behaviour (i.e. sitting on window sills, being on the Residence roof, throwing or dropping items from windows, playing sports in Residence hallways, wrestling/horseplay, breaking glass)
  • Participating in potentially destructive activities that may cause personal injuries or property damage;
  • Possession or use of dangerous materials and weapons of any kind (e.g. firearms, pellet guns, archery equipment, sling shots, replica weapons, knives),and explosive materials (e.g. fireworks, hazardous chemicals, gasoline, propane tanks);
  • Any behaviour that threatens the integrity of the Residence community;
  • Entering another Resident’s room without permission or disturbing another Resident’s property;
  • Using another Resident’s property without permission;
  • Hazing, raids, and pranks


Propping open fire doors puts all members of the community at risk and is prohibited. Any action that impedes the ability to open any door that should be accessible, or prevents another person from exiting, is prohibited.


Tampering with, or misuse of, any elevator, alarm, or surveillance system in Residence is a serious safety issue. It is grounds for a $500.00 fine and eviction from Residence. (See also “Fire safety”)


  • A party is any gathering of 10 or more persons in the Residence building where alcohol is being consumed.
  • Impromptu or unauthorized parties are prohibited.
  • There must be at least one Host or RA for every 10 guests at the party.
  • The Hosts must not consume alcohol, must be present and available for the entire function, and must assume responsibility for the actions of all guests.
  • It is prohibited to sell alcohol or charge admission.
  • Any noise from the party must be limited to the inside of the party location.
  • Any infraction of the Community Standards will result in disciplinary action. Residents and/or guests will be required to make restitution for any damages. In the case of damage to College property, if the guilty party cannot be identified, charges for repairs and/or cleaning will be assessed against the host(s).
  • Campus Living may call for a floor meeting before the party, and has full authority to cancel the party at any time.
  • A designate of Campus Living may visit any party to ensure that these rules and conditions are being observed.
  • Party Hosts are responsible for all cleaning within 1 hour post-event.



  • When notified of fire or other emergencies in the building, all Residents must immediately evacuate the building and remain outside until permission has been granted by Red River College staff, fire, or police to re-enter.
  • The discharging, tampering, or operating of any fire prevention or detection apparatus for any purpose other than the control of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Tampering with fire equipment is considered a serious infraction and is grounds for a $500.00 fine and eviction from Residence.
  • Lit candles, halogen lamps, burning of incense, storage of flammable solvents, and the keeping of any explosive material are prohibited
  • Residents are not permitted to keep bicycles or large personal items in any stairwell, hallway, common area, or in their rooms


  • Get to a safe place out of hallways or common areas
  • Close and lock the door
  • Sit on the floor or crouch behind desks and be quiet
  • Silence cell phones or devices that generate noise
  • DO NOT answer the door
  • Dial 911 if you have specific information regarding the threat
  • Do not evacuate until contacted by Winnipeg Police or until you receive specific directions over the Public Address
  • Should the fire alarm system be activated during a lockdown, remain in place until given instructions over the Public Address
  • In case of medical or other emergency during a “Lockdown” call 911
  • Complete details on what to do during a lockdown can be found here


Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests. Actions of guests that contravene Red River College rules and policies will be viewed as actions of the host Resident:

  • Any person found in a Residence who is not a guest of a Resident or who cannot give satisfactory explanation for his/her presence must be reported immediately to the Resident Assistant or Security
  • Salespersons, canvassers, or agents are not allowed in Residence, nor may a business operate in Residence
  • Residents may have an overnight guest for no more than two consecutive nights, and 4 total nights per month
  • Security must be informed of all guests via the sign-in sheet
  • Any Resident who facilitates access for a stranger “un-hosted” person, or banned person (e.g. by opening a locked door) is considered to be the host of that person and is responsible for his/her behaviour.
  • Residents must always be present as the hosts of their guests
  • Guest privileges may be revoked if Campus Living determines that the Resident has abused his/ her privileges through excessive use or inappropriate behavior

Arrival and Movement of Guests: Residents must meet their guests at the front entrance of PGI. It is the responsibility of the resident to follow appropriate sign-in and sign-out procedures. Residents must accompany their guests at all times during their visit and are responsible for the guests’ actions while the guests are on residence property.

GUEST SIGN IN: Guests must sign in and out with Security at the PGI front desk 24 hours a day.


Due to the communal nature of Residence living, persons suspected of being infected with a communicable disease will be required to seek medical attention. Depending on the contagiousness of the illness, the Resident may be quarantined from other Residents.


Residents will be charged for all lost or damaged keys. Lost key cards must be reported to Campus Living IMMEDIATELY for the safety of all Residents.

Residents must not lend their keys to anyone. Unauthorized lending is subject to significant fines.


Immoderate noise is irresponsible behaviour in a community where every Resident expects and is entitled to work and sleep in a quiet environment. Noise levels must not unreasonably infringe on someone else’s reasonable expectations. Quiet Hour periods are times when any noise that exceeds the necessary day-to-day activities of a Resident is prohibited.

Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, and 12:00 midnight to 8:00 a.m. on weekends. Floors may extend quiet hours with the agreement of all Residents and the approval of Campus Living.

Exam Periods. All Residents must abide by the 24hr quiet hours during the Fall and Winter exam periods.


Roommates each have the right to share in the determination of the use of the room. Roommates should consult each other before inviting guests to visit the room and or spend the night.

Roommate agreement contracts can be picked up at the Campus Living office for all residents interested.


Residents are prohibited from keeping pets/animals of any kind in the Residence building, including fish.


Campus Living and Security staff may request Residents to present their photo identification card at any time.


Smoking is not permitted in residence. Any person who is found to have tampered with or modified a smoke alarm will face disciplinary sanctions and possible eviction.

The use of smoking materials in all areas of residence is prohibited. Sanctions and fines will be levied to those who contravene this policy. Residents will receive a minimum $50.00 fine for a first-time offence.

Hookah/Shisha Pipe: Use of a Hookah/Shisha pipe is not allowed in residence.

Electronic Cigarettes: Use of Electronic Cigarettes is not allowed in residence.


Where the College believes that the continued presence of a resident constitutes a threat of danger to health, life, or property, and/or affects the College adversely, the College may take disciplinary action, a student may be evicted from residence immediately.

Examples of such behaviour include but are not limited to:

  • physical acts or threats of violence, coercion, intimidation, or any form of harassment
  • verbal and non-verbal aggression
  • sexual assault
  • illegal sale, purchase, or use of drugs and/or alcohol;
  • use or possession of explosives, firearms, or weapons;
  • use or storage of flammable and dangerous substances;
  • violation of College policy and Federal or Provincial law;
  • damage, destruction, or theft of residents’ and/or College property;
  • tampering with or misusing elevators;
  • tampering with or misusing fire equipment;


Theft or possession of another person’s property without permission is prohibited and may result in eviction and/or referral to the police.

Removing furniture or property from lounges and other common areas without permission of Campus Living is considered theft and may result sanctions including eviction and referral to the police.


Throwing, dropping, knocking or ejecting objects from the Residence building, windows, patios, or stairwells, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is prohibited.


Residents and their guests are not permitted, to bring onto the residence property, any of the following (each of which is described as a “weapon”):

  • real or replica projectile weapons, including, but not limited to, firearms, air guns, cross-bows, archery equipment, sling shots, paint-ball guns, and air guns, which includes BB guns;
  • blades including bayonets, hunting or throwing knives, and blades used in martial arts;
  • any form of ammunition
  • any other weapons, whether used for martial arts or other forms of combat training

Wielding any object in a threatening or aggressive manner may result in immediate eviction.

Appliances in residence

You may use personal appliances such as hair dryers, shavers, and stereos that do not use excessive power.

*Residents wishing to bring kettles with an automatic shut off and Keurig (or similar) style coffee makers may do so with approval of the Campus Living Office upon check-in.*

Hot plate coffee makers, toasters, hot plates, electric frying pans, and any other cooking devices (i.e., anything that generates heat) are not allowed in any residence room. Portable heaters and window air conditioning units are also not allowed.

All appliances and electrical equipment used in residence must be approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Never leave appliances on and unattended for any period of time. This also includes computers, televisions, and stereos. If you leave your room, please shut off your equipment.


Residents will have individual and collective concern for the security, maintenance, and preservation of the residence and its grounds.

  • If damage occurs and the individual(s) responsible can be identified, they will be solely liable for restitution. If the guest(s) of a resident is involved, the resident will be held liable.
  • If damage occurs in common areas and cannot be attributed to specific individuals, the residents of the floor may be jointly responsible for financial restitution.
  • The resident will be charged for any repairs due to damage, replacement of equipment, and/or extraordinary cleaning in the room including but not limited to stains, spills, and damages caused by alcohol consumption.
  • Repeated untidiness in floor lounges, kitchenettes, or common areas will result in loss of privileges or financial restitution for additional cleanings.
  • You cannot remove furnishings from the lounge or other areas of the residence building, or have excessive amounts of furniture in your room.
  • You are not permitted to replace existing furniture with your own.
  • Waterbeds, mattresses, beanbag chairs, and/or any inflatable furniture are not permitted.
  • You shall not paint, wallpaper, or otherwise alter your rooms or common areas. You will be charged for any damage to your room or furniture caused by decoration.
  • You may use only white sticky tack to adhere items to walls; nails, tape, and other methods are prohibited.

For information about receiving your damage deposit after you leave residence, see Damage Deposit Refunds.

Excessive needs

The Campus Living Office is not equipped to deal with serious cases of behavioral problems, mental or physical illness, emotional issues, and psychological disorders.

If a student resident engages in behavior that is potentially harmful to her/himself or to other residents, or in behavior that significantly disrupts other student residents, the Campus Living Office reserves the right to terminate the residence contract