About Your Suite

About Your Suite

Entry by Campus Living/RRCStaff

Campus Living staff members have the right to enter a resident’s room or apartment, whether or not the resident is present, in the following situations:

  • The resident has given written or verbal permission for a specific purpose or occasion;
  • After giving 24 hours notice of intention to enter the resident’s room;
  • Where there exist reasonable grounds to believe that there is an emergency situation, a violation of residence policy related to safety, or evidence of criminal activity within the room, and;
  • Maintenance and cleaning staff have permission to enter residents’ rooms on the basis of a request for maintenance or cleaning, or in the event of a maintenance emergency.
Room Inspections

Inspections of Residence rooms by Campus Living staff or its approved contractors may be scheduled periodically. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that health and safety standards and other legal requirements are being met. Failure to pass room inspections may result

in Fines specified by Campus Living, and repeated inspection failures may result in increased fees or may become grounds for eviction or non-renewal of your contract.


Due to health and safety, as well as cultural reasons, residents are not permitted to have pets of any kind in residence. Should Campus Living discover a pet in your unit, the pet will be removed and you will be required to meet with our staff to discuss the situation. You will also be responsible for any damages or cleaning that may be incurred as a result of having a pet.

Food Storage

When not in use, food must be stored in sealed plastic or glass containers to avoid contamination, vermin, and odour. Food left in open containers in lounges may be discarded by RAs or cleaning staff.

Tenant Insurance

The College will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for loss or theft of personal property, or for damage or destruction of such property by fire, water, or other cause. All residents are required to purchase tenant’s insurance prior to moving into residence. Residents may be liable for damages they cause to the building and/or its contents due to negligence.

See Tenant Insurance.

Room Furnishings

Outside Furniture

Campus Living does not permit any additional furniture to be brought into the residence due to space restrictions, evacuation and fire safety, as well as pest control. If Campus Living does find additional furniture in a unit, the resident will be required to remove and/or store the item at their own cost.

Walls and Windows
  • Residents may not paint walls, hang artwork with nails or other items that damage the wall. Only non-marking white sticky tack may be used to affix items to walls.
  • Residents may not display or hang anything, including flags or banners, outside their windows or on the exterior surfaces of the residence buildings.
  • The hanging of curtains or other materials on the inside of windows is a fire hazard and is prohibited.
  • Residents will be responsible for ensuring that the screen remains on their window, free of holes, and that the screen is not removed/relocated.
  • Leaving windows open and unattended is considered a security risk. Leaving windows open and unattended during fall/winter/spring may cause heat loss and other significant damage, and is therefore prohibited. Leaving windows open during sub-zero weather will result in fines. Students must always close their windows when leaving their room.

Moving or removal of furniture or other College property from residence rooms or common areas is prohibited.

If you need a specific mattress for your suite, you must make an appointment with Manager of Campus Living to discuss your request.  It is to the discretion of the Campus Living office whether such a request is approved.


This policy is meant to maintain a standard of care for the residence facilities, as well as to promote the safety of the residents, specifically with regard to fire regulations.

  • White sticky tack is the only adhesive to be used when hanging decorations. The use of any other material (including masking tape or duct tape, nails or tacks) to secure items to walls is prohibited.
  • Decorations must not damage walls, floors, or surfaces and must not present a fire hazard due to size or material.
  • All posters, flyers, and announcements must be displayed in areas designated by the Campus Living Office and must be approved by the Campus Living Office.
  • All postings in individual residence rooms must not cover more than 20% of the wall and ceiling space due to fire code restrictions.
  • Posters, advertisements, flyers, etc., may not be posted on the exterior of student doors.
  • Residents may not use spray can material such as “fake snow” in residence.


Pornography is prohibited from being displayed, distributed, or made available for viewing in any area of the residence, including private rooms and shared spaces. This includes photos, posters, videos, and other media.