Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer as many common questions about your room as possible.  If we’ve missed one, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

Can I change my room once I move in?8343331742_7b05a128d4_n

If you find after the first month of living in residence that living in your room or with your roommate is not a good fit, please discuss the situation with your Resident Assistant and the Campus Living team. All room change requests are subject to the approval of the Campus Living Office, who will make a decision based on need, feasibility, and space.

Room changes are not considered in August, September, January, or April and there is a $50 administrative charge to change rooms.

My best friend is also moving into residence. How can we be roommates?

If you and your friend both apply for a double suite at the same time (but on separate applications), you can both contact the Campus Living Office to let us know you’d like to be roommates. In many cases, the Campus Living Office is able to accommodate these requests, but due to a variety of factors we cannot guarantee roommate placements.

The Campus Living Office will not change room assignments based on roommate requests made after placements offers are sent. Room change requests will be accepted only according to the terms in Rules of Residence Living and are subject to availability.

Note: Roommate requests are only accepted for the double dorm rooms.

Is there a chance I’ll have a roommate of a different sex?

We assign double suites with same-sex roommates. Should a male and a female wish to become roommates, each must send a request to the Campus Living Office, and we can discuss the arrangement with the residents and Resident Assistants.

How do I find out which rooms types are still available?

Please contact the Campus Living Office to check whether we have a particular kind of room available.