Paterson GlobalFoods Institute
The Exchange District Campus Residence, located in RRC’s Paterson GlobalFoods Institute at 504 Main Street, offers modern, air-conditioned single bedroom and two bedroom suites. The residence also features a shared laundry room and several common areas that have WiFi and are available for study, entertainment and socializing.

There is no Resident parking at the Exchange District Campus. Please visit the following link for information on daily and monthly parking near the Residence:

Room Options

Fully furnished single units and double room suites are available at the Exchange District Campus Residence. More information can be found on the Room Options page.

Meal Plans

After arriving at Residence, you may chose to add money to your student card to be used as a declining balance meal plan. Meal Plans work at any RRC Winnipeg-campus Food Services location (alcohol purchases, Red card, and Tim Horton’s cards are not permitted on the Meal Plan card). Extra dollars can be added to your account at any time

Food Services locations, hours, and menus can be found here.

More information can be found on the Meal Plans page.

Accessing the Internet

Wireless network access is available in the lounge areas of the residence and each room has a wired Internet connection. Double suites have connectivity in each of the bedrooms and in the common area. Single rooms have only one network connection.

The network connection is a College academic network connection and is subject to College IT usage policies. The network traffic may be monitored and content is filtered to prevent inappropriate internet access.

You must have valid College student account credentials (i.e., user ID and password) to access the wireless network. No credentials are needed to access the wired network but may be required to access specific resources on the network (i.e., Portal and WebAdvisor).

Television, Phone and Third-party Internet Services

Each residence room is wired for television, phone and internet services. Double suites have wiring in each of the bedrooms and in the common area of the suite. Single rooms have only one wired outlet for these services. Residents may choose to subscribe to local television, phone and internet services at their own cost.

Want to know more?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.