Instructor Bios

Curtis Aab 

Curtis is a graduate of the Chemical and Biosciences Technology (Co-op) program at Red River College and also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Chemistry Major from the University of Winnipeg. He joined the college in 2007 as an Educational Assistant and progressed into his current role as an Instructor / Co-operative Education Coordinator.

Prior to joining the college in 2007, Curtis worked as a Research Technician at Cangene Corporation in the Departments of Microbial Fermentation and Cell Culture where he worked on process development of recombinant protein based pharmaceuticals. Prior to working at Cangene Corporation, Curtis had co-op positions at Enviro-Test Laboratories (now ALS Environmental) and the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the Saint Boniface General Hospital Research Centre.

His current duties at the college include instructing courses in Chemistry, Basic Laboratory Skills, Introduction to Co-op, and Career Planning. Curtis also works continuously with a variety of industry employers to establish co-op job opportunities for Science Laboratory Technology students.

Michael Judge

Michael is a graduate of the University of Manitoba (4 year BSc majoring in chemistry) and the University of Waterloo (MSc majoring in polymer chemistry). He joined the college in 2008 as an Instructor in the Chemical/Biosciences and Pharmaceutical programs.

Michael previously worked as a chemical analyst for Health Canada and Varian, Inc. More recently, he was the senior research chemist and lab manager at the Bristol Aerospace Rockwood Propellant Plant, where he oversaw the formulation of solid propellant for several rocket systems, including the Black Brant sounding rocket, and performed research into advanced propellants. Michael’s research findings have been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including Talanta, Journal of Polymer Science and Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics. You can see some examples here, here and here.

His current duties include teaching Mathematics, Data Analysis, Statistics, Lab Safety, Organic Chemistry and Environmental Issues. He is also involved with various ongoing research projects through the college Applied Research Department.

David Blicq

An Instructor with the Chemical and Biosciences Technology diploma program, Mr. Blicq is an honours graduate (BSc. Microbiology) with a Masters degree in science (MSc. Food Science / Food Microbiology) and a Certificate in Adult Education. Other education includes training for ISO 17025, Method Validation, Measurement of Uncertainty and Medical Devices / Diagnostics.

Mr. Blicq has significant research and industrial experience, including planning, design and implementation of basic and applied sciences / biochemical research programs. He has particular experience and interest in the management and development of innovative scientific technologies and implementation of ISO / GMP format quality systems to manage quality assurance, research and production activities.

He has additional experience in the development of novel biochemical recovery processes, from bench-top to industrial production scale, including development of highly detailed documentation to ISO-9000 standards. He has consultation experience in science-based strategic policy, program and project development; technology management and commercialization as well as the development of novel multimedia platforms. Teaching experience includes instruction of University and College students as well as industry professionals, design and application of laboratory techniques, laboratory and database research and extensive on-line and multimedia development. David currently teaches several courses, including Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry and Nutraceuticals.

J. David Graham 

David has many years of experience as a chemist, having previously worked as a chemical analyst for Health Canada and Manitoba Hydro. He holds a BSc (Honours) from the University of Manitoba, majoring in chemistry.

Mr. Graham has been teaching at the college for over ten years and currently teaches a number of courses, including Spectroscopy and Applied Instrumentation.

David is also the Coordinator for the Life Sciences department and, as such, plays a significant role in ensuring that students and staff enjoy a well organized program. As well, he is active in the local chapter of the AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Communities), currently serving on the Executive.

Tim Muirhead

Mr. Muirhead holds a BSc majoring in biology as well as an ART certification. He brings a wealth of practical microbiological experience in the diagnosis and measurement of human pathogens. He enjoys significant experience in clinical testing, clinical chemistry, biological sample preparation and analysis with further experience in metabolic biochemistry and molecular biology. Combining practical research experience with an ability to deliver effective instructional sessions, Mr. Muirhead is also adept at designing and delivering practical hands-on laboratory training.

Tim has been teaching at the college for over ten years and currently teaches Biology, Chemistry and several other courses.

Sergio Raposo

Sergio currently teaches several courses in the program, including quality systems.

G. Dansereau, CBT Technologist – Educational Assistant

Mr. Dansereau brings considerable practical analytical experience to the department. Formerly manager of production/quality control for an industrial facility, he has developed many of the skills required in a regulated production environment. Additional skills Mr. Dansereau brings to the team include extensive experience with analytical hardware / systems, documentation of research / production activities and supervision of research environments and development of product labeling protocols to meet regulatory standards.

Gerry plays a key role in ensuring that many of the lab components within the program runs smoothly.

 B. Steeves-Rhind, CBT, CAE – Educational Assistant

Barb brings significant laboratory experience to the Science Laboratory Technology team. Her background includes working with chemical instrumentation and she has established a broad range of trouble-shooting skills. As well, Barb has expertise in the establishment of quality systems for certified analytical laboratories and is a trained internal auditor with a keen eye for the details of compliance.