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Red River College is committed to enhancing mental health programming for students, staff, and faculty. On March 22nd, TSN’s Michael Landsberg presented at the college to help raise awareness of mental health through his #SICKNOTWEAK talk.

Michael is one of the faces of Bell Let’s Talk Day, in which Bell contributed 5¢ towards mental health initiatives by counting every text, call, tweet, Instagram post, Facebook video view, and Snapchat geofilter.

If you were unable to attend the live #SICKNOTWEAK presentation, you can watch it on-demand here.

Bravo Award: Kim Mitchell – Research Excellence

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Congratulations to Nursing instructor, Kim Mitchell, on receiving the Bravo Award for Research Excellence!

The Research Excellence award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in support of applied research, contributed to establishing an environment that welcomes research, supports others in their research endeavours, and or made an outstanding contribution to a course/project/program/community partner. This award recognizes Kim’s contribution not only to nursing research but to a culture of research within the Nursing Department.

Kim Mitchell

In addition to being a career nurse educator, Kim’s focus of study is a topic applicable to nursing education – exploring writing self-efficacy and its impact on writing performance in undergraduate nursing students. Writing self-efficacy is a concept that has been demonstrated to predict student grades and is thought to be a more powerful predictor of student performance than writing ability. Writing assignments are thought to contribute to student knowledge and critical thinking skills, which has the potential to positively affect student ability to communicate within multidisciplinary teams using the language of evidenced informed practice. Additionally, writing assignments are thought to benefit student ability to integrate theoretical knowledge within their clinical experiences; however, there has been little empirical testing to explore this hypothesis within the discipline of nursing.

Kim’s interest in exploring writing self-efficacy in nursing students began in 2011 when she initiated a pilot study to assess the effectiveness of the discipline specific scholarly writing course that she developed for the RRC nursing baccalaureate program.  The study was a pretest posttest design study, which measured writing self-efficacy and anxiety in first year students before and after their first-year scholarly writing course.  The description of this study and the course content it investigates has been accepted and will be published in the journal Quality Advancements in Nursing Education for spring 2017.

In 2013, she repeated this initial study and expanded the original one group quasi-experimental design to include a time control period. A comparison between online and classroom writing instruction experiences was also assessed. A portion of this cohort of students also participated in a long-term follow up study in the 2015-2016 academic year and that project is currently in data analysis.  With a team of colleagues, Kim has also conducted an in-depth analysis of existing writing self-efficacy tools published in the literature in order to understand the conceptual constructs used to measure writing self-efficacy. This project has been accepted by the Journal of Nursing Measurement to be published along with an editorial on the subject in or around August 2017.

It became evident, after four research projects in this area, that doctoral education was the next step in the advancement of Kim’s research knowledge and skills. She applied and was accepted to the doctor of nursing program at the University of Manitoba for the fall of 2016. She is currently completing coursework toward this goal. The writing self-efficacy tool used to measure the concept in her three previous studies was one of her own creation and was designed to measure aspects of writing self-efficacy specific to the scholarly writing course she was delivering. As a result, her goal in the doctoral program is to redevelop and test this scale for more general use within nursing education. One of her first doctoral assignments exploring academic writing voice from the perspectives of objectivity and feminism has been accepted for publication in Nursing Inquiry.

Use of a “Flipped Classroom” in Undergraduate Family Nursing Education

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Ever wonder how you can create a flipped classroom?

Nursing instructors Sandy Alguire and Monica Burfoot, along with recently retired course leader, Wilma Schroeder, have created a flipped classroom in family nursing education. The International Family Nursing Association recently highlighted the implementation of this model by our instructors, as well as the benefits that it creates for their students.

To learn more, read the article here.

flipped classroom


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Missed last week’s mindfulness presentation? Watch it on-demand! Click the image to view:


TGIF… Not only was it the final Friday of the term before exams, but many Nursing faculty took the opportunity to attend a presentation on Mindfulness.  This Lunch and Learn was presented by Vidhu Bhanot from Counselling and Accessibility at Red River College. It was a perfect way to spend an hour learning about mindfulness meditation, what it is, and how it can be so beneficial for our students… and ourselves.

Mindfulness is a form of mental exercise that can cultivate self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-compassion. Vidhu shared the results of her Mindfulness Group Pilot study involving a small group of Nursing students. After engaging in regular mindfulness techniques and activities, students found they were able to manage stress in a healthier way. Another benefit (although unintended) was the effect of creating healthier family relationships.

We engaged in a breathing practice exercise led by Vindhu, breathing in through the nose (4 seconds), holding our breath (7 seconds), and then slowly exhaling (8 seconds). The trick, we were told, was to keep the exhale longer than the inhale so as to initiate a vagus nerve response. By doing this, we can interrupt the body’s own stress response.

It was very interesting to learn about the history of mindfulness and its application to stress and pain management.  Hopefully we can incorporate more mindfulness into our own lives and educate our students to help them manage the stresses of school/life. Training our minds is not easy – we must be kind and keep practicing. Meanwhile… “Happy Break Week!”

Health Education Promotion Posters

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Third year nursing students shared their health education promotion posters on Wednesday February 8th. The posters showcased health concerns prevalent in Manitoba as the students shared their knowledge with RRC faculty, staff, and students on prevention and how to keep healthy. Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop and interact with our students!

Posters 1

Posters 2

Posters 9

Posters 4

Posters 6

Posters 7

Posters 8

Posters 5

Posters 3

Research and Innovation Day 2017

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Another great success at our second annual Research and Innovation Day.  Hope everyone had a great time learning and exploring what our community is doing. This year we were pleased to expand our day not just with the Nursing Department but also Community Services.

We’d like to thank all our presenters, key note speaker: Karen Schnell-Hoehn RN, MN, CCN(C), sponsors, and exhibitors who made this day possible.

Thank you to all who attended, students and staff, as well as the Research and Scholarship committee and the Public Relations committee for all their hard work to make this day run so smoothly.














We’d also like to congratulate the following students:IMG_0849
Best student oral presentation: Hazel Landagan, Karen Calitis, Elaine Pionela, Monica De Leon, and Kristalyn Ferrer, as well as their instructor Sonia Jablonski-Praznik, for their presentation, Reciprocal Peer Learning: Exemplar use of Technology as a Medium; A.K.A Group Work…Yay! I Got an Appfor That.


Look forward to seeing everyone again next year!IMG_0788IMG_0782

Building Partnerships in Nursing Education: An Employer Forum

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Employer Forum 2

The Nursing Department hosted an Employer Forum on Friday, January 27th.

The success of Red River College BN Program graduates in the workplace is one of our main program outcomes and a key focus of the RRC strategic plan to “cultivate strategic partnerships”. Input from employers is also an important and very necessary component of measuring program effectiveness, according to the CRNM standards for Nursing Education Programs.

The event provided an opportunity for the RRC Nursing department to meet with the managers and/or educators from facilities that provide space for our RRC nursing students to do their clinical experiences, as well as may hire our graduates.

Employer Forum 13

The feedback from employers was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone who attended, as we continue to work together to provide quality nursing education that meets the needs of Manitoba health care.

Tuesday is Research and Innovation Day!

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Our Student-Faculty Research and Innovation Day is on Tuesday! The day is open to faculty, staff, and students from both the Nursing and Community Services departments. We look forward to seeing you there! Check out our program, and come out to see the amazing presentations by our faculty and students.


Register for the Nursing Department Research and Innovation Day

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The Nursing Department Research and Innovation Day is being held on Tuesday, January 31st. It is open to faculty, staff, and students from the Nursing Department and the Community Services Department.

Please make sure to register. We need pre-registration in order to plan accordingly.
Registration is for attendance. If you’ve submitted an abstract, you still need to register. If you’re attending the day but not presenting, you still need to register.

Registration deadline is January 12th. To register, click here.

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