The Roblin Centre Catering

Tim Hortons Catering

For regular daily catering at the Roblin Centre, please use Tim Hortons Catering. They offer breakfast and lunch sandwiches, soups, salads, baked goods, plus hot and cold beverages.

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To order pizza, please use Pizza Pizza. Please ensure you order your plates and napkins and know that you need to set up your table and linens by yourself.

You are responsible to ensure cleanup and garbage is looked after.

Internal RRC orders placed to Pizza Pizza no longer can be billed directly to budget centres.  Please use your college issued credit cards for these Pizza purchases.  You may have to have the Dean or Director in your department approve Pizza Pizza as a restaurant to your RRC issued credit card.  A separate option would be to pay on your personal credit card and send in an expense claim for reimbursement.


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Other Catering Needs

For all other catering needs that Tim Hortons or Pizza Pizza can’t provide, please use
Urban Prairie Cuisine.    Or    Diversity Food Services.

These two preferred caterers will deliver and set up your food on the tables you provide and return to pick up their platters, chafers and other equipment at the end of the event. They will remove all leftovers unless you provide takeout boxes and look after this.

Please ensure you have your tables and garbage containers in place.

To order from Urban Prairie Cuisine. please use the website link above or contact Donna or Erin at 204.489.7480. or email at For events that require staffing please contact minimum 2 weeks in advance.  All other orders must be placed with a minimum of 2 days notice.


To order from Diversity please contact Melanie Gerodias-Mitchell at 204.786.9070 or For orders that require staff, please place the order one month prior. All other orders must be placed at lease one week before the event.

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Roblin Centre – Water, Linen & China Service

We thank you for your interest in catering services. It is the responsibility of each individual event organizer to ensure that all event needs are met. This includes extra table requirements, water, china, food and linen. This also includes returning the room to it’s original state.

Water service is $0.75/person for parties over 25. A World of Water jug, dispenser and cups will be provided.

Linens are available and require a minimum notice of Seven business days.

See the linen options →

Please contact Michael Blahuta at 204.805.5087 or to place an order for Water or Linen or if you have any questions.

Al Raike or Lyle Dunlop will deliver the water and linen to your event space and can be reached at:

Al: 204.612.2601 or
Lyle: 204.805.0888 or

China rentals for your event at the Roblin Centre can be organized by each individual event organizer, and can be obtained at either Bel Ayre Rentals or Party Stuff Rentals.

Bel Ayre: 204.786.8975
Party Stuff: 204.786.8756