Parking & Security


The Winnipeg Parking Authority provides paid on-street parking in the downtown and Exchange District areas of Winnipeg.

The majority of streets in low-demand areas allow for two hours of parking at a cost of $1/hour (pay stations denoted with red two-hour stickers). In certain areas of the the Exchange District, the rates are higher and cost $2/hour (pay stations denoted with bright green two-hour stickers).

City of Winnipeg Street Parking Meters

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:30pm ($1-2/hour)
Monday – Friday: 5:30pm – 8:00am (free parking)
Saturdays: Two hours complimentary parking
Sundays: Free parking

Exchange District Parkades and Parking Lots

Maximum costs range from $4 to $10 during the day and $1 to $6 during the evenings. Hourly rates are $1 to $2.

Parking Map for the Exchange District →


Security Services is located at the middle point in the atrium in room P106. The security office is open from 6am to midnight daily, however security staff are on duty 24 hours a day.

Security can be reached by calling 204.949.8305 or by using any of the Safewalk phones located throughout the Roblin Centre.