Journey North

eTV – Journey North

A Virtual Nursing Experience

In collaboration with the Faculty of Nursing and Health Canada, eTV produced the technical components of Journey North: A Virtual Nursing Experience. Journey North is an on-line, interactive tour of a Health Canada nursing station located on Bloodvein First Nation in northern Manitoba. The project, supported by a Program Innovation Fund, allows students to explore, discover, and understand the role of a Community Health Nurse in a remote health care setting.

Preview Journey North

Journey North

Note: This is a preview version of Journey North, limited to a guided tour of the nursing station as well as the ability to explore the exam room, the community room, and the culture section of the community map. To request a full viewing, please contact us under ‘Share Your Thoughts’ below.

What Students are Saying about Journey North

“It was a different way of learning and kept you engaged throughout.”

“Gives an interactive idea of northern communities that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience unless we went there.”

“I believe this will be a cool, new way to learn. It allows us to see it with our own eyes, rather than through lectures.”


eTV would like to thank The community of Bloodvein, Manitoba and RRC Aboriginal Student Support & Community Relations for their support and assistance.

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