Manitoba Water and Wastewater Training

Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Exam Preparation Courses

Each spring and fall Red River College offers a series of four day training courses designed to prepare operators to pass the provincial Water and Wastewater Operator Certification exams. A description and schedule of the certification exam preparation courses is available below.

In addition to the regularly scheduled exam preparation courses, the department routinely delivers contractual training for employers and organizations that require groups of employees to be trained to a common certification level.

These courses may be delivered inside or outside of Winnipeg depending on the needs of the client. Contact Louise Wood at 204.632.3017 or e-mail for further information regarding contractual water and wastewater treatment training.

The courses generally run in May-June and September-October of each year. The Water and Wastewater Refresher courses do not include the cost of the Manitoba certification exams. All Water and Wastewater Manitoba exams must be arranged and registered by Manitoba Conservation.

All students must register seven days in advance of scheduled exam dates.

For more information on the Manitoba Certification exam fee and registration please contact Pat Goran at 204.945.2791.

Manitoba Water and Wastewater School

In contrast to the certification exam preparation courses which provide exam specific theoretical training, the Water and Wastewater School uses hands-on training to focus on the practical aspects of water and wastewater operations. The School is designed to accommodate new operators entering the water and wastewater field as well as current operators seeking to upgrade their knowledge and hands-on abilities.

The Water and Wastewater School runs for one week in the spring of each year and provides participants with three options to meet their training needs.

Note that the water and water school is not intended to prepare participants to pass Certification exams. Rather the school provides certification benefits by furnishing operators with three Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each of the three courses completed. These CEUs may be used to fulfill the continuing education training needs required to maintain a valid Operating Certificate.

Onsite Wastewater Management (Septic Field Installation)

The Onsite Wastewater Management Course is a five-day program designed for septic field installers and contractors who wish to be certified with Manitoba Conservation as Onsite Wastewater Management Systems Installers. The course consists of a manual, classroom instruction, a written exam and industry displays to showcase the latest onsite wastewater management products.

Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive a Red River College Certificate of Achievement they can present to Manitoba Conservation to be registered as a Certified Installer.

For more information, please contact Louise Wood, 204.632.3017 or