Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings Training

The Energy Code Training will continue in late Fall 2015. If you would like to be placed on the email notice list for the MECB training, please email your request to Tammy Harper,

The course on energy efficiency is broken into 5 parts so participants can choose the options that work best for them.

Section 1: MECB
The Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MECB) training will cover the requirements for the Prescriptive, Trade-off and Performance paths of the MECB 2013 as well as the Province of MBs compliance tool. This tool will assist in the documentation process for the permit application in Manitoba. This course is good for designers, contractors and both Part 9 and Part 3 Building Inspectors.

Section 2: Section 9.36
The recent adoption of Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency in Housing and Small Buildings (Section 9.36) means that designers, inspector and contractors need to understand the new requirements. This training will cover the Prescriptive, Trade off and Performance paths of Section 9.36 including the Manitoba Amendments and a discussion on compliance.

Section 3: Manitoba Energy Code Exams
Currently the Energy Code courses are eligible for Continuing Education credits with the Manitoba Building Officials Association for their BCQ or CBCO. Exams are available on request for those who require a grade for proof of Con Ed credits.

Section 4: Introduction to CANQUEST Modelling*
Section 4 continues knowledge gained in Section 1 (MECB) with a focus on the Performance Path of the MECB 2013 and the energy simulation software that is generates the required reference building model. This “hands-on” 3 day course will walk participants through the complete energy model development process. The course begins with the use of wizards to quickly create building models and then moves into the detailed interface for detailed model development. Participants will learn how to use the software to generate the NECB 2011 reference building for performance path compliance.


Section 5: Advanced CANQUEST Modelling**
Topics covered in this modelling course includes:

  • user expressions
  • user defaults
  • parametric runs
  • outdoor air details including exhaust and heat recovery
  • air-side system keywords and controls
  • central plant mechanical elements including thermal storage and pumping as well as boiler and chiller part load curve creation
  • .inp text file investigation and manipulation
  • batch processing of eQUEST/CAN-QUEST files
  • weather file creation

**PRE-REQUISITE: Section 4 Introduction to Canquest