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The Civil Engineering Technology department offers several short courses, workshops, and seminars to provide academic and professional development in the areas of architecture, infrastructure, construction, and the environment. The courses are intended to be practical and relevant to today’s student and employee looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the current technologies of our industry.

Courses are offered throughout the year with a number of them scheduled in May and June of each year. The course details will describe when the course is offered, the length of class, the fees, and what is provided with registration.

Water and Wastewater Courses

The Civil Engineering Technology department offers a series of training opportunities for water and wastewater operators and others in the industry. There are courses for those seeking Manitoba Certification and hands-on training in water and wastewater.

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C-NRPP Radon Certification Courses (Measurement and Mitigation)

Participants in the Radon Measurement course will gain an understanding of radon, its scientific properties and known health effects and the knowledge of Health Canada’s radon measurement protocols. The course will also cover the C-NRPP approved devices for radon measurement, the proper interpretation of results obtained in residential settings, and some basic radon entry and mitigation concepts.

Participants in the Radon Mitigation course will gain the knowledge and hands-on training for radon entry and mitigation analysis and planning.

PRE-REQUISITE: Participants must successfully complete the Radon Measurement Course prior to the mitigation course. Successful participants may be certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) which is recognized by Health Canada.

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Manitoba Building Code Courses

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Course Descriptions:

Note: Courses marked with an “*” are recognized by MBOA for credit in their BCQ and CBCO certification.

For more information contact Tammy Harper at 204.632.2942.

ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician

All training will be based on the seven CSA Group A23.2-14 standard test procedures for concrete: sampling, slump, density/yield, air content, casting/initial storage of cylinders and flexural beams, and temperature of concrete.

Certification involves passing a written examination and the hands-on performance test accredited by the American Concrete Institute. It is recognized worldwide and satisfies the requirements of CSA Group A23.1-14 clause

Dates for the 2018 ACI Course will be scheduled in March/April 2018.


The Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) has been granted the sole commercial license to deliver CAN-QUEST software training in Canada. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact CIET by phone at 1 800 461-7618, by email at or through their website at

Hot 2000 – Residential Building Energy Modelling

Building energy modelling is becoming increasingly common for new home construction and for designing upgrades to existing buildings. It can be used to establish compliance with new building code requirements or utility energy conservation programs, optimize house designs to achieve a desired level of performance, evaluate the benefits of competing energy efficiency measures and assist in the design of retrofit packages for existing houses. Perhaps most important, experience with energy modelling provides the user with a much better, quantitative understanding of how energy is actually used in a house.

This course is designed to introduce the basic principles of residential energy simulation modelling using HOT2000 – the most widely used program of its kind in Canada.

Course Description:

  • Fundamentals of residential building energy modelling
  • Performing take-offs using house plans or on-site measurements
  • How to input building envelope components into HOT2000
  • How to input mechanical systems into HOT2000
  • Using HOT2000 to establish compliance with building code or utility conservation program requirements
  • Modelling existing houses
  • Interpreting the results (what they mean and what they do not mean)

If you do not see your course listed you may contact Tammy Harper at 204.632.2942.

Greenspace Horticulture Courses

Greenspace Horticulture is offering the following courses for industry:

Training Descriptions:

  • Mowing Seminar with Writing Essentials
  • Irrigation with Writing Essentials

For course dates, click here. If you do not see your course listed you may contact Tammy Harper at 204.632.2942.

Revit Courses

This new series of courses will teach the concepts of building information modelling, parametric design and construction documentation through Autodesk’s Revit Software.

Course Descriptions:

Click here for the upcoming course schedule. If you do not see your course listed you may contact Tammy Harper at 204.632.2942

Civil Engineering Technology Courses

Courses are now open to our Industry Clients

The Civil Engineering Technology department offers courses to current students, graduates and industry clients from the various Civil program areas as remedial, bridging, or professional development. Courses are offered during the break weeks and co-op terms.

Course Descriptions:

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