Industrial Networking Technology

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of the role that Ethernet/IP-based data transport plays in industrial systems, such as manufacturing automation, and power utility protection and control.

The graduate technologist or engineer in the industrial control and power utility professions are the targeted groups for this training. No Information Technology pre-knowledge is required.

Our graduates will have a strong foundational knowledge of networking technologies and understand the implications of standards (both industry and legislated) on system reliability, safety and cyber security.

The growing need for industrial engineering professionals with a stronger understanding of network technologies drives us to explore how these technologies influence the roles and responsibilities of engineering-oriented professionals.

The successful graduate will have a basic to intermediate understanding of a number of industrial networking areas. These include:

  • Best Practice Industrial Network Architecture
  • Industrial Network Equipment Infrastructure
  • Industrial Network Cable Plant Infrastructure
  • Industrial Wireless Communications
  • Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Electrical Utility Measurement and Control
  • Quality of service and low latency support
  • Regulatory and Legislated Security and Safety Standards

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