Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committees

Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committees (JWSHCs) are required per the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act W210. The committees are made up of employer members and worker members and meet on a quarterly basis.

The committees are responsible for receiving safety and health concerns from College management, staff/faculty, and students. The committee then discusses these safety and health concerns at their meetings and makes recommendations to the employer regarding possible solutions.

The committee members are also involved in incident investigation, promoting safety and health awareness at the College, and performing inspections of the workplace at least four times a year.

Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committees have been established at Notre Dame Campus, Exchange District Campus, Stevenson Campus – Winnipeg, and Stevenson Campus – Southport. The JWSHC has a bulletin board at these campuses where the JWSHC minutes and other documentation is available.

You may place an item on the JWSHC agenda for discussion by contacting any committee member. You can also request the minutes of the JWSHC by clicking on Minute Request Form below.