Ally Project

Red River College coordinates an Ally Project that seeks to create a safer, welcoming, and supportive environment for LGBTT* people by helping them to identify Allies who they can trust and with whom they can be open.

Allies receive education and training about LGBTT* issues and resources. Allies provide welcoming support to people that feel targeted and/or discriminated against based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Allies also support the LGBTT* community by standing up against social and cultural barriers so we can all live in a safer environment, community, and society.

Red River College is proud to have over 370 Allies across our different campuses, academic programs and student services. All Allies are identified by Red River College Ally Cards, and an Ally Code of Conduct is located in the back of the Ally Cards with rules of conduct about confidentiality and inclusive and respectful behaviours.

Allies can find additional information on the Ally Resource Map.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to connect with any of the following Allies:

Red River College Allies

Name Location Phone Email
A.Richard Lange 100 PGI 204.631.4302
Aaron Stringer 209 Massey 204.632.2191
Adrea Pierce LTC 204.945.6151
Adrian Johnson F108 NDC 204.631.3405
Ahsan Rizvi N/A N/A N/A
Aileen Najduch C720A NDC 204.632.2307
Alicja Mikita C306 NDC 204.632.2953
Alison Fyfe-Carlson C518 NDC 204.632.2929
Allan Cadger NDC 204.632.2491
Allison Murdoch-Schon FM71 NDC 204.632.3022
Allison Peterson P104D Roblin Centre 204.949.8354
Allyson Pushka N/A N/A
Alyssa Capulong N/A N/A N/A
Amy Carter D309 NDC 204.631.3437
Anahita Aminian A310F NDC 204.632.2505
Andrea Johnston P210 EDC 204.632.2569
Andrea Reimer HM23 NDC 204.631.3487
Andrea Winther A310G NDC 204.632.2460
Andrew Moyer C115 NDC 204.632.2323
Andrew Stahlke C212 NDC 204.632.2040
Andy Pham N/A N/A
Angel King NDC 204.632.2323
Angela Swanson Interlake Campus 204.785.5328
Angela Tessier D106E NDC 204.632.2570
Angeline Boekweit 319 Elgin Street 221 204.632.2572
Annette Neskar D106 NDC 204.632.3093
April Krahn F214 NDC 204.632.2183
Arnold Boldt C715 NDC 204.632.2914
Ashley Prest W201 Roblin Centre 204.949.8480
Audrey McCulloch D110 NDC 204.632.3992
Aynsley Kuntz C116 NDC 204.632.3792
Barb Cobb D105D NDC 204.632-2142
Barbara McCandless LTC 204.945.6151
Barbara Rapson HM08 Mall Level NDC 204.949.8478
Barbara Szpack 103 PGI 204.631.3454
Barry Law J216 NDC 204.631.3426
Benjamin MacDonald N/A N/A N/A
Bernadette Mandrick C517 NDC 204.632.2574
Bernice Jacoby LTC 204.945.6151
Bev Kowal Seven Oaks General Hospital 204.632.3260
Beverly Wood W406 EDC 204.949.8442
Bill Acheson C306 NDC 204.632.2464
Bill Rutherford E303 NDC 204.632.3078
Bill Short 101 PGI 204.471.7375
Bill Younger A227G NDC 204.632.2955
Bitia McVeigh A425 NDC 204.632.2946
Bobby Varghese D102 NDC 204.632.2976
Brad Gray 307B Paterson Global Foods 204.632.2199
Branka Kao LTC 204.945.6151
Breanna Sawatzky AB05 NDC 204.632.2061
Brenda Lindberg 316 PGI 204.632.2109
Carol Girling D105B NDC 204.632.2057
Carolyn Pfau C116 NDC 204.632.2078
Carrie Schaepe C514B NDC 204.632.2043
Catharine Doyle EDC N/A
Catherine Buckboro D105 NDC 204.632.2159
Catherine Grafton D110P NDC 204.631.3493
Cathy Oulion LTC 204.945.8387
Chad Evans W508 EDC 204.949.8301
Chad Smith (short term leave for 2017) P210H Roblin Centre 204.949.8513
Chantalle Noschese 205A PGI 204.632.2479
Charlene Tolentino D210 NDC 204.632.2143
Charles Groening Off campus 204.286.7051 ext. 5235
Chau Le C218 NDC 204.632.2288
Cheryl Broszeit E102 NDC 204.632.2467
Cheryl Martens A109D NDC 204.632.2573
Cheryl Ridley-Callis A109E NDC 204.632.2334
Chevy Peters Stevenson Aviation Campus in Southport 204.428.6313
Cheyenne Chartrand P210-J EDC 204.949.8506
Chris Harrington A227A NDC 204.631.3410
Christia Gobin NDC 204.632.2503
Christina Stuart C306 NDC 204.632.2264
Christian Robin C306 NDC 204.632.2345
Christopher Walters Stevenson Campus (Winnipeg) 204.945.4669
Cindee Laverge N/A N/A N/A
Cindy Friesen N/A N/A N/A
Clare Wiebe LTC 204.945.6151
Colin Finlay N/A N/A N/A
Conni Cartlidge A227A NDC 204.632.2353
Conor Lloyd C306 NDC 204.632.2581
Cora Chojko-Bolec A425 NDC 204.631.3328
Craig Edwards D201 NDC 204.632.2575
Cynthia Alles-Parasidis A109 NDC 204.632.2334
Cynthia Horgan E303 NDC 204.632.3077
Dan Feriolo GM31 NDC 204.632.3954
Danica Turcotte Portage Campus 204.856.1150
Darka Burczynski Building C, 7th floor NDC 204.632.2565
Darlene Bouvier Selkirk 825 204.785.5305
Dave Rogalksy D106 NDC 204.632.2158
David Hykaway Learning Commons EDC 204.949.8365
David Pressman LTC 204.945.8776
David Schmeichel C306 NDC 204.632.3836
Dayna Graham D106 NDC 204.632.2570
Debbie Frankel C717 NDC 204.632.2524
Debbie Sullivan C410 NDC 204.632.3780
Debbie (Xinyu) Zhao N/A N/A N/A
Deborah Gural C608 NDC 204.632.3002
Debra Haysman D102F NDC 204.632.2123
Del Pannu B101 NDC 204.918.2457
Denise Maytwayashing-Gladu F115 NDC 204.949.8402
Diane Bohun C7 NDC 204.631.3397
Diane Livingston W302 The Roblin Centre 204.949.8309
Diane Parris A315A NDC 204.632.2318
Dierdre Shore FM-28D NDC 204.632.2451
DJ Wahl B201 NDC 204.324.3244
Don MacDonald B100 NDC 204.632.3990
Donna Grieve C514 NDC 204.632.2593
Doris Prive West A310 NDC 204.632.2403
Douglas Modena dos Santos N/A N/A N/A
Dusty Ritchie D102 NDC 204.632.2976
Eddie Sapnu N/A N/A N/A
Eddy Lau D210 NDC 204.632.2184
Elena Grinshteyn C306 NDC 204.631.3324
Elizabeth (Beth) Benoit C410 NDC 204.632.2551
Elizabeth Glasman N/A N/A N/A
Elizabeth Polakoff C608 NDC 204.632.2919
Emily Doer C306 NDC 204.632.3828
Eric Lee PGI 204.631.3392
Erica Ens LTC 204.945.6151
Evelyn Torwart D106 NDC 204.632.2458
Ezra Reimer C306 NDC 204.632.3071
Fabiola Flores-Snell D201 NDC 204.632.2563
Falen Savage N/A N/A N/A
Fatima DeMelo P221 Roblin Centre 204.631.3424
Floyd Yewchan LTC 204.945.6151
Francesa Creta D105C NDC 204.632.2165
Gabriela Ludusan 103 Massey Building 204.632.3847
Gabrielle Vigelius F101 NDC 204.949.8333
Gail Iwan N/A N/A N/A
Gail Walker 202 Culinary/PGI 204.631.3382
Geneviève Clément C719 NDC 204.632.2287
Gisele Maynard P210 The Roblin Centre 204.949.8375
Gordon Mackie N/A N/A N/A
Grant Ag Morrison C115 NDC 204.632.2323
Guy Moffat Portage La Prairie Campus 101 204.856-1914 x6104
Guy Prokopetz LTC 204.945.0255
Hannah Gifford P104 EDC 204.949.8399
Harvey Suski A425L NDC 204.632.2122
Heather Mauthe A227C NDC 204.632.2171
Heather Smith D105 NDC 204.632.3759
Heather Wilgosh C 7th floor – NDC 204.631.3373
Irene Patterson A237F NDC 204.632.2151
Jacob Breca PGI 204.631.3401
Jacqueline Wood C515 NDC 204.632.2944
Jaime Richard F214 NDC 204.632.2483
Jakee Werbuk C306 NDC 204.632.2086
Jamie Chahine E303 NDC 204.632.3771
Jan de Vlaming N/A N/A N/A
Janaki Balakrishnan F115 NDC 204.632.3826
Janelle Schneider PGI 204.632.2285
Janet Townsend PGI 204.632.2141
Janice Ching LTC 204.945.6151
Janice Lowry C306 NDC 204.632.3031
Janice Manson C306 NDC 204.632.2118
Jared Miskimmin C116 NDC 204.632.2568
Jean-Marc Blanc PGI 204.631.3385
Jeanne Downing C308 NDC 204.632.2498
Jeanne Towle CM43 NDC 204.632.2276
Jeff Brandt 308A Paterson Global Foods 204.631.3428
Jeff Gill CM12 NDC 204.632.2005
Jenna Feener PGI 202 204.949.8378
Jennifer Foster D105 NDC 204.632.2453
Jennifer Gaulin D102 NDC 204.632.3966
Jennifer Genge C418 NDC 204.632.2543
Jennifer Legault 321 McDermont Avenue 5-FLR. 204.949.8318
Jennifer Powell D105 NDC 204.632.2402
Jennifer Stayner A237G NDC 204.632.2025
Jenny Wang D210 NDC 204.632.2364
Jenny Yee N/A N/A N/A
Jeremy Daniels F221 NDC 204.632.2483
Jillian Hoogland 418 LTC 204.945.8776
Jingjing Yan (Ruby) N/A N/A N/A
Jo-Anne Shay FM28B NDC 204.632.2992
Joan Machendagoos F209 NDC/P407 EDC 204.632.2363 / 204.949.8429
Joanna Simmons-Swinden C613 NDC 204.632.3019
Joanne Major C518 NDC 204.955.2296
Jocelyne Olson W302 Roblin Centre 204.949.8453
John Allan C410 NDC 204.632.3777
John Pura WB-10 Roblin Centre (EDC) 204.949.8346
Jonathan Mitchell A131B NDC 204.631.3334
Jonathan Royal A151 NDC 204.631.3383
Jordan Kelly PGI 204.631.3401
Joseph Carson N/A N/A N/A
Judy McGuirk C312 NDC 204.632.2434
Kaleigh Quinn D106E NDC 204.631.3472
Karen Borgardt D101 NDC 204.632.3793
Karen Burns FM71 NDC 204.632.3751
Karen Favell F215 NDC 204.632.3038
Karen McDonald 316 PGI 204.632.2062
Karen Parker FM71 NDC 204.632.3762
Karen Press W201 EDC 204.949.8316
Karen Remoto N/A N/A N/A
Karen Riediger A109A NDC 204.632.2962
Karla King P414 EDC 204.949.8498
Katarina Ninkovic N/A N/A N/A
Kate Ballard N/A N/A N/A
Kathleen Kerr LTC 204.945.6151
Kathleen Scribner A347 NDC 204.632.3772
Kathryn Zarvie A315 C NDC 204.632.2343
Keith Doerksen Winkler Campus 204.325.9672
Keith Walker C115A NDC 204.632.2119
Kelley Sookram A309 NDC 204.632.2445
Kelly Andrushko A310G NDC 204.632.2460
Kelly Houston-Sorokowski 316 PGI 204.632.2285
Kelly (Richard) Stifora EDC 204.949.8517
Kellyn Randall N/A N/A N/A
Kelsey Todd N/A N/A N/A
Kenton Larsen W201 EDC 204.949.8327
Kenton Nickerson N/A N/A N/A
Kerri Caldwell Via Station on Main Street 300 204.945.6151 x6302
Kerry Coulter W201 Roblin Centre 204.949.8427
Kevin Boon LTC 204.945.8886
Kiera Mirza CM20 NDC 204.632.2477
Kim Elphick NDC 204.632.2252
Kim Jasper N/A N/A N/A
Kimberley Cooper Portage Campus 204.856.1150
Kimberley Mitchell C608 NDC 204.632.2920
Kimberly Duerksen Unit 2 – 385 Loewen Blvd, Steinbach 204.320.2500 ext. 6002
Kirk Johnson P311A Roblin Centre 204.949.8377
Krista Mask 202 PGI 204.632.2572
Krista Michie P308 EDC 204.949.8337
Kristi Dorian C519 NDC 204.632.2015
Kristina Gryz LTC 204.945.8786
Kristina Misurka D105 NDC 204.632.2582
Kylie Clark 106 Massey Building 204.631.3401
Laila Aronas LTC 204.945.6151
Lakhwinder Mangat A134 NDC 204.632.2411
Larissa Klymkiw E211 NDC 204.632.2293
Laura America Castillo LTC 204.945.6151
Laura Orestes A310F NDC 204.632.2505
Laura Rotaru NDC N/A
Laura Wiebe 316 Paterson Global Foods 204.631.3380
Lauralee McDougall D102H NDC 204.632.2515
Laureen Janzen D102D NDC 204.632.2121
Lauren Konrad 103 Massey Building, EDC 204.631.3345
Lauren Kullman GM33 NDC 204.632.3977
Lauren MacLean P110 The Roblin Centre 204.949.8466
Lauren Parsons C306 NDC 204.632.2264
Lauren Phillips D110 NDC 204.632.2570
Lauren Waples D105 NDC 204.632.3094
Lauri VanHeyst D102H NDC 204.632.2515
Lea-Anne Stagg C410 NDC 204.632.2228
Leith Saunders 204 Portage Campus 204.871.0973
Lesley McGuirk A227 NDC 204.632.2961
Leslie Howie N/A N/A N/A
Leslie Pura W508 Roblin Centre 204.949.8420
Leslie Ternowetsky C515 NDC 204.632.2944
Levinia Brown F210 NDC 204.632.2472
Linda Schroeder LTC 204.945.6151
Lindsay Allan C410 NDC 204.632.2339
Lindsay Rowan N/A N/A N/A
Lindsay Storey-Iliffe D102 NDC 204.632.2124
Lisa Carriere F214 NDC 204.632.3773
Lisa Jamieson P411B Roblin 204.632.3758
Liz Rowley LTC 204.945.8387
Lora Van Loewen W508 Roblin Centre 204.949.8314
Loretta Martin LTC 204.945.6151
Lori Grandmont C410 NDC 204.632.2321
Lori-Ann Grenkow F321 NDC 204.632.2017
Lorraine Gendre A325E NDC 204.632.2047
Lovell Li P104 EDC 204.949.8463
Lynda Joyal C218 NDC 204.632.2556
Lynn Gibson CM33 NDC 204.632.2301
Lynn Thompson CM33 NDC 204.632.3026
Lynne Martin N/A N/A
Mae Louise Campbell F210 NDC 204.632.2472
Maggie Fitzpatrick P414 EDC 204.949.8394
Mandy MacDonald E102 NDC 204.632.2467
Manpreet Grewal D101 NDC 204.632.2163
Margarita Natcheva D206 NDC 204.949.8393
Maria Evaristo C410 NDC 204.632.2048
Maria Melnyk N/A N/A N/A
Maria Pol LTC 204.945.8841
Marilyn Dykstra F215 NDC 204.632.2405
Marni Russell D204 NDC 204.632.3848
Mary Northover-Ramey A109 NDC 204.632.2414
Mary-Ann Shukla Steinbach UNIT 2 204.320.2500
Matt Broeska W302 EDC 204.949.8472
Matt Ferber NDC 204.632.3047
Megan Havens C306 NDC 204.632.2161
Melanie Gudmunson C410 NDC 204.632.3079
Melanie Lee Lockhart EDC 204.494.8313
Melanie Liske 105 Massey Building 204.631.3371
Melanie Pratt N/A N/A N/A
Melissa Bayer C410 NDC 204.632.3777
Melissa Flores LTC 204.945.6151
Melissa Granovsky 211 Massey Building 204.631.3464
Michael Blahuta 316 PGI 204.632.2262
Michael Fitzhenry 316 PGI 204.631.3427
Michael Rochon LTC 204.794.8482
Michael Watson A134C NDC 204.632.2291
Michele Henderson A310B NDC 204.632.2236
Michele Sykes A227 NDC 204.632.2171
Michelle Johnson D106D NDC 204.632.2128
Mike Arsenault F101 NDC 204.632.2004
Mike Morawski Stevenson DN 2280 204.945.0154
Mike Stuhldreier C108 NDC 204.631.3304
Monica Burfoot FM71 NDC 204.632.3013
Monica Morin F221 NDC 204.631.3361
Monique Clarke Brandon Regional Health Centre 205.578.4335
Murray Toews GM33 NDC 204.632.3001
Nadia Mahmood N/A N/A N/A
Nadiya Topalo LTC 204.945.6151
Nancy Alexander N/A N/A N/A
Nancy Cumbers C410 NDC 204.631.3477
Nancy Gill F116 NDC 204.632.2333
Naomi Frey LTC 204.945.6151
Natalia Mozol NDC 204.632.2129
Nathalie Emond B109 NDC 204.632.2310
Nathan Bueddefeld C306 NDC 204.631.3363
Navdeep Sekhon FM71 NDC 204.632.3007
Neil Cooke CM30 NDC 204.632.2232
Nicole Mineault D106 NDC 204.632.2381
Noelle Cater A227 NDC 204.253.3605
Nora Sobel D206 NDC 204.632.2404
Norlan Page D206 NDC 204.631.3309
Orest Kinasevych W201 EDC 204.949.8536
Paige Sneesby LTC 204.945.8791
Pamela Desmet Franklin LTC 204.945.6151
Pamela McLeod P407 EDC 204.949.8494
Pamela Roberts N/A N/A
Pamela Rosen-Depape D102 NDC 204.632.2132
Pat Holbrow D100G NDC 204.632.2592
Pat Wherrett C507 NDC 204.632.2511
Patti Johannesson C306 NDC 204.632.2936
Patti-Ann Garrity D101F NDC 204.631.3307
Paul Brady Massey Building 208 204.632.2451
Paul Vogt C718 NDC 204.632.2360
Paula Amaral F115 NDC 204.632.3634
Peggy Syljuberget C116 NDC N/A
Penny Copeland A177 NDC 204.632.2528
Peter Jean Kennedy J223 NDC 204.631.3352
Petra Martel C306 NDC 204.632.2581
Philippe Kwon C116 NDC 204.954.1978
Rachel Henry N/A N/A N/A
Rachel V Hildebrandt LTC 204.945.6151
Rachel Robbins LTC 204.945.8791
Rachelle Boychuk A325A NDC 204.632.2063
Rachelle Pascal Carrick D102J NDC 204.632.2569
Randy Rummery P104 EDC 204.949.8355
Rashad Kassim D110G NDC 204.632.2592
Ray Ellis C115 NDC 204.632.2323
Ray Hoemsen C506 NDC 204.632.2523
Rhonda Klippenstein F209 NDC 204.632.2363
Ricky Ramdath D101 NDC 204.632.3794
Rita Prokopetz LTC 204.945.6151
Riva Harrison C712 NDC 204.631.3302
Robert Buisson C515 NDC 204.632.2946
Roberta Mack A425L NDC 204.632.3084
Rosy Balzer D210 NDC 204.632.3805
Roxanne Dueck D105 NDC 204.632.3760
Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong A237B NDC 204.632.2394
Sabena Singh D201 EDC 204.632.2496
Sabrina McIvor N/A N/A N/A
Sandra Schonwetter LTC 204.945.0482
Sandra Shibata D210 NDC 204.632.2013
Sandra Sukhan D201 NDC 204.632.3011
Sara MacArthur C511 NDC 204.632.2166
Sarah Boumphrey C7th NDC 204.631.3372
Sarah Khan E111 NDC 204.632.2466
Sarah Stettinger N/A N/A
Scott Halpenny F109 NDC 204.949.8502
Scott Wichenko HM26 NDC 204.631.3404
Seid Ahmed N/A N/A N/A
Serene Desmond C212 NDC 204.632.2994
Shaneesa Ferguson C410 NDC 204.632.2951
Shannon Clark E211 NDC 204.632.2293
Sharon Gluting D110 NDC 204.632.2358
Sharon Woo D101 NDC 204.631.3494
Shaun Scrymgeour CM20 NDC 204.632.2081
Shawna Beaupre A325 NDC 204.632.2146
Shayan Zaidi N/A N/A N/A
Sheila Allarie C509 NDC 204.632.2038
Shelley Tallin C610 NDC 204.632.2502
Sheriane Ritchie N/A N/A N/A
Sherrie Novak EDC 204.632.2043
Sherry Julius C410 NDC 204.631.3375
Shuai Wang N/A N/A N/A
Shylyte Bloodworth B177A NDC 204.632.3997
Simon Haywood LTC 204.945.8952
Socrates Papadopoulos D100 NDC 204.632.2042
Stacy Kutcher FM71 NDC 204.632.2400
Stephanie Cianflone NDC N/A
Stephanie Wright DM11 NDC 204.631.3303
Steve Nachtigall CM20 NDC 204.632.2473
Stuart Y Schwartz LTC 204.945.6108
Sue Narozniak A310E NDC 204.632.2554
Suenita Maharaj-Sandhu EDC 204.391.1240
Susan Claire Johnson A315B NDC 204.632.3987
Susan Mcllwain 103 PGI 204.632.2285
Susan Shaver A237 NDC 204.631.3480
Tabitha Ann Nordby W201 EDC 204.949.8487
Tammy Desmond D101 NDC 204.632.2084
Tanya Redford A109E NDC 204.632.2334
Tara Brown P414 EDC 204.949.8430
Tara Magnus-Walker C617 NDC 204.632.2931
Tara Mullen A109D NDC 204.632.2073
Tara Weibe Massey Building, Room 105 204.631.3371
Taryn Presley A235 NDC 204.632.3803
Teresa Burgess Steinbach – Unit 2 204-320-2500 x 6006
Teresa Fox C306 NDC 204.631.3370
Teresa (Terry) Hoffmann Selkirk 825 204.785.5328
Teresa Menzies C312 NDC N/A
Teresa Miller D102 NDC 204.949.8474
Thamali Henadeerage Dona N/A N/A N/A
Thomas Skraba C421 NDC 204.632.3800
Todd Buchanan DM11 NDC 204.632.2459
Tracey Seida W201 The Roblin Centre 204.949.8339
Tracy Brant F210 NDC 204.632.2106
Tracy Cappello C214 NDC 204.632.2288
Vera Godavari C306 NDC 204.632.2226
Vicky Klassen N/A N/A N/A
Vidhu Bhanot LTC 204.945.8774
Wayne Pickford Stevenson DNU 2280 204.942.2255
Wilma Schroeder C609 NDC 204.632.2957
Yangquan Tang N/A N/A N/A
Yaw Amoah-Gyampoh LTC 204.945.8387
Zihao Yang N/A N/A N/A