Cultural Diversity Awareness Course

This course is housed in Red River College’s LEARN learning management system and it features six modules with information, strategies and resources related to Diversity Awareness, Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Communication, Canadian Culture, Canadian Workplace Culture, the Canadian Classroom, Academic Integrity, and Living in a New Cultural Setting.

This course can benefit immigrant and international students coming into the Canadian learning or workplace environment, students preparing for study or work opportunities in another cultural environment, and all students as they communicate, learn and work in the local diverse community.

Pre-Arrival Orientation for International Students

As part of this course, international students are invited to complete a Pre-Arrival Orientation before starting their career programs. The purpose of this Pre-arrival Orientation is to give international students an opportunity to learn about Cultural Diversity in preparation for their intercultural learning experience at Red River College. This is a 3-hour course that includes video segments, a Reflection Worksheet and a Personal Action Plan.

Through these videos, international students may become more aware of the cultural diversity around them and how their own unique cultural background shapes how they see and experience the world.