About Diversity and Intercultural Services

Diversity and Intercultural Services assists immigrant and international students to be successful in their integration into the local culture, the Canadian College environment and the Canadian workplace culture.

Diversity and Intercultural Services supports all students in developing their intercultural competence necessary in today’s global work environment.

Diversity and Intercultural Services also provides educational opportunities and resources to enhance understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity.

Diversity and Intercultural Services offers the following support programs:

  • College Information for future immigrant students
  • College Preparation and Orientation Program for new immigrant and international students
  • Student Integration Services for current immigrant and international students
  • Diversity and Intercultural Consultations for all students, faculty and staff
  • Canadian Connection Program for immigrant and international students
  • College-Wide Diversity Events for all students, faculty and staff
  • Mentorship Programs for all students
  • Diversity Scholarships for all students
  • Intercultural Training Program for all students, faculty and staff
  • LGBTT* Initiative for all students, faculty and staff
  • Student Refugee Program for all students, faculty and staff

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