Impact of Giving

Donor support and hard work pays off

December 22, 2016 • Written by

It’s safe to say Silas Meeches has turned out to be a good investment.

With the help of several donor-supported awards and bursaries from Red River College, Meeches, 20, graduated with his Manufacturing Technician diploma in May 2016. Now, he’s busy prepping for the 2017 World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi, an event he describes as “the Olympics for trades and technology [students].”

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RRC alum honours Metis family members with new bursary

December 15, 2016 • Written by

Red River College alum Cindy Petrowski and her partner are honouring their Metis family members by easing the burden of current and future students through the establishment of The Cindy Petrowski and Phillip Marsh Helping Hands Bursary.

The bursary will support First Nations or Metis students with their academic aspirations and help with financial burdens.

A 1982 graduate of RRC’s Stenography program, Petrowski chose RRC because of its reputation then — as now — as a post-secondary institution that offered instruction in current and high-demand skills recognized and required by employers.

“As I moved through my career, I remembered the fantastic instructors I had and their patience with each and every one of their students,” she says. “I would encourage alumni to remember the experience and the rewards that RRC has provided them in career opportunities, friends made, and knowledge gained. Donate to help others achieve greatness through education.”

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Birchwood Automotive Group and Red River College – A partnership for student success

December 6, 2016 • Written by


RRC Automotive Students tour Birchwood Automotive Group facilities

Sharing in Red River College’s mission to learn, teach, challenge, innovate and find solutions to build a better future, Birchwood Automotive Group has chosen to honour its retired technicians by investing in the future of students at RRC.

Through the establishment of the Birchwood Automotive Group Limited Award, and by providing industry relevant tours to Automotive students, Birchwood is helping to ensure RRC students are armed with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

An initial investment of $30,000, matched dollar for dollar though the Province of Manitoba’s Scholarship and Bursary Matching Dollar Program, means that students in the Automotive Technician Certificate Program will now have the opportunity to lighten their financial burden.

This $1,000 annual award will recognize a student graduating from the first-year Automotive Technician Certificate Program whose work experience is completed at a dealership, and who is committed to the program and possesses leadership qualities.

Red River College is grateful to the Birchwood Automotive Group for their commitment to student success.

Learn more about the Birchwood Automotive Group Limited Award and other available  awards, bursaries and scholarships.


National Philanthropy Day

November 16, 2016 • Written by


National Philanthropy Day is celebrated annually on November 15th and on this occasion the staff and students of Red River College wish to thank their wonderful donors. Enacted by the government, in collaboration with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, this day aims to honour all Canadians who demonstrate the spirit of giving. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and commitment to student success at Red River College. We are extremely fortunate to have the support of so many individuals, industry partners, associations, foundations and government who assist us in achieving our goal of providing the highest quality education available, leading our learners straight to employment. We recognize the importance and magnitude of your gift and are deeply grateful for it. Philanthropy is above all marked by the spirit of giving without seeking anything in return. To us, you are the perfect embodiment of this definition. Thank you for your contribution to making Red River College the best it can be.

Warm regards,

The Development Team

Top Notch RRC Grads Inspire Peterbilt Manitoba’s Generosity

October 3, 2016 • Written by


Pictured L-R: Glen Candaele (Shop Foreman), Doug Danylchuk (President), Dan Speer (General Manager), Paul Vogt (President, RRC), Kyle Kearney (Service Technician)

A recently established partnership between Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd. and Red River College means that more students will have their financial burden eased as they pursue their education at Red River College. Supporting Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic and Collision Repair and Refinishing students, the Peterbilt Manitoba Awards will provide much needed financial assistance and will reward students with a high level of commitment to their program.

The awards are made possible through the Peterbilt Manitoba endowment fund established at RRC with a $30,000 gift from Peterbilt Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba’s scholarship and bursary matching dollar program. The first awards were presented at the Fourteenth Annual Transportation, Aviation, and Manufacturing Trades Awards Luncheon this past May to Jaskaran Singh who received the Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic award and Bong- Gu Kang who was the recipient of the Collision Repair and Refinishing award.

Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd., a multiple award-winning full service dealership, was established in 1981 by Ed Danylchuk and, as General Manager Dan Speer says, “has a long history of hiring top notch technicians from Red River College.  This partnership was inspired by all the graduates from RRC that have worked with us in the past, are working with us presently, and those who will work with us in the future.  We understand the cost of education, and these awards show our commitment to the future.”

We are grateful to Peterbilt Manitoba and all our donors for their commitment to student success.

Learn more about the Peterbilt Manitoba Awards and other available awards, bursaries and scholarships.

ft3 Architecture Makes Multiyear Commitment to Red River College

July 19, 2016 • Written by


Marten Duhoux. 2jpg

Panelist Marten Duhoux (Centre), Principal Architect with Ft3 Architecture at the Annual Forum for the Paul Charette – Manitoba Applied Research Chair in Sustainable Construction.

ft3’s support was instrumental in Red River College becoming a Technology Access Centre and they are continuing their support through a multiyear commitment of in-kind and financial contributions. Over the next 5 years, ft3 will fulfill its $15,000 financial and $25,000 in kind contribution for research at RRC.

Ft3 is a multi-disciplinary, architecture, landscape and interior design firm that is dedicated to excellence in sustainable and best building practices.

Research Project Collaborations are making a difference in Sustainable Construction

  • The Cornerstone Life Leases Estate, a 52-unit senior’s housing project was designed by ft3 with sensors for the heating, cooling and ventilation systems installed by RRC. Data is collected to monitor the energy performance characteristics of the building which will no doubt influence future designs and specifications to produce even better energy efficient buildings.
  • The ft3 renovated St. Matthews Church is serving its constituency well. Renovations included a residence and a drop in centre and the installation of interior insulation to the brick structure. RRC, through Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) funding, has installed moisture and temperature sensors within the wall sections. Comparing the moisture and temperatures levels to computer modelled performance and ensuring excess moisture is accumulating over time within the brick façade will lead to more informed design decisions for heritage building retrofits.
  • With support provided by ft3 and Canada Green Building Council the Post-Occupancy Performance of LEED Multi-Unit Residences partnership between RRC and ft3 will mean streamlined processes for conducting Post Occupancy Evaluation and will further establish a strategy for developing and managing LEED residential homes in Manitoba and elsewhere.
  • ft3 continues to support the Experimental Basement Project, a full scale structure representing a residential home basement that uses recycled tires as replacement for natural material in walls’ backfill and underneath the basement floor.

Ft3 principal Marten Duhoux recently participated in the first annual forum for the Paul Charette – Manitoba Applied Research Chair in Sustainable Construction which showcased the invaluable contribution of applied research and RRC’s mandate for supporting research and innovation in Manitoba.

For information on partnering with Red River College or to find out more about any of the above initiatives call the Development Office at 204-632-3031.

Partnership Between RRC and Machine Tool Manufacturers Still Growing After 15 Years

July 5, 2016 • Written by


L-R: Bill Noakes (Chair, RRC); Paul Vogt (President & CEO, RRC); Paul Krainer (President, Thomas Skinner & Son Ltd.); Kim Jasper (Chief Advancement Officer, RRC); Len Wheeler (Machine Tools Sales, Haas Factory Outlet (A division of Thomas Skinner); Rob Ataman (Instructor, RRC)


When a tri-organizational partnership sees all three parties growing steadily closer over 15 years, it speaks volumes about those involved, and the ways they’ve helped the relationship develop and grow.

This particular partnership started with two Red River College instructors, Rob Ataman and Leon Fainstein, who attended the 2001 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. They were looking for companies to work with that could supply the most modern machine tools, while assisting the educational process with a program of support for students and teachers in the College’s Manufacturing Technician and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs.

The show, the largest gathering of related industry suppliers in the world, should have been fertile ground. But at every booth they went to, Ataman and Fainstein came up empty. Their luck changed when they arrived at the Haas Automation booth and met company owner Gene Haas, who in turn introduced them to Paul Krainer, president of the Thomas Skinner company.

Thus began a partnership that has grown closer with each passing year. Soon one Haas machine was installed at RRC, then another, and then several more, until today the entire program is taught using the company’s products.

“Working with Paul has been incredible,” says Ataman. “Our students are so much better off with the relationship. When students have questions, they are open to go directly to Thomas Skinner. [The company is] an extension of Red River College.” Read More →

Fowl play: RRC Culinary students help partnership with Granny’s Poultry

June 28, 2016 • Written by

Jason Wortzman, Granny's Poultry

Consumers are seeing new and different poultry products on grocery store shelves, thanks to innovative developments out of Red River College.

For a long time, turkey was seen as the centrepiece of major holiday celebrations, while chicken was purchased mostly in tray packs for nutritious family dining.

But for one of Manitoba’s most iconic brands, tradition alone would not be enough. Granny’s Poultry Farmers’ Cooperative recognized that tastes change with time, and consumers were looking for different alternatives.

Six years ago, Granny’s began developing new product options for the market. Customers started to see more functional poultry products — infused with Omega 3 or flax — available alongside the others.

Jason Wortzman, Granny’s Director of Marketing and Product Development (and an RRC Culinary Arts grad himself) has, in major part, been helping to lead these changes.

When RRC was building the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute four years ago, Granny’s recognized the value of a long-term relationship with the College, and Wortzman (shown above) saw an opportunity to help his alma mater. They envisioned how, working within that environment, they could help facilitate the development of innovative and relevant new products within the Granny’s Poultry brand mix. “Products that were so unique, consumers could not find them anywhere else,” Wortzman says.

Following a significant donation and long-term commitment form Granny’s, an interactive relationship developed with RRC’s chefs and students. Granny’s moved much of its new product research and testing programs to PGI, and — working out of a small office in the building — integrated a number of students into the development process.

As a company committed to supporting the community, Granny’s presence can be felt at a number of sites important to Manitobans.

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Bon appetit! Culinary students hone their skills in France

June 21, 2016 • Written by


Pictured (from left): Brittany Peto, Keegan Misanchuk and Carter Bouchard

Much of our cooking vocabulary has French roots, many cooking techniques originate in France, and the country has a worldwide reputation for its rich, but tasty creations.

At the renowned Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France, three students from Red River College’s Culinary Arts program have been immersed in an intensive four-month learning experience with some of the best French chefs in the world.

As a part of a three-year partnership with the Institute, RRC granted scholarships this year to students Brittany Peto, Keegan Misanchuk, and Carter Bouchard, allowing them to hone their technical skills before graduating and entering the working world.

These scholarships did not come easily for any of the students. Each spoke with pride about the long application process they went through, and the competition they faced before being finally selected. Meetings, essays, presentations and interviews helped narrow down the pool of candidates to these three. When their names were announced, each knew how fortunate they were to have the opportunity to complete their partnership co-op in France.

According to Sophie Bellon Reynaud, International Cooperation Manager at Institute Bocuse, the students are worthy choices. “They have a good attitude from day one,” she says. “They know why they are here. They want to learn and share with others.”

Reflecting on other scholarship students choices over the past three years, she adds, “So far, all Canadian students we had were quite outstanding. Very concentrated. Happy to be here. You can feel it. Their energy is communicated.”

The summer program at Institute Bocuse is delivered through an alliance of 17 schools from 17 different countries, all of which offer culinary arts programs. From Sophie’s perspective, the relationship with RRC has been a very good one. Sophie explained the Institute usually works with only one school per country, searching for those who share the same values and objectives. “We are different from each other, but complimentary,” she says.

Surrounded by likeminded students, and taught by outstanding professionals, all three RRC students expressed enthusiasm for what they’ve gained from being in the Bocuse environment.

And what they are learning goes well beyond the classroom. Read More →

RRC Students’ Association helps support, strengthen College community

June 3, 2016 • Written by

RRCSA executive“Red River College is here to make sure [students] have a great education. We make sure they have places to go to relax, and not burn out.”

These words, from incoming Red River College Students’ Association president Adam Taplin, sum up the Association’s commitment to supporting its student members.

They also play a major role in contributing to projects geared towards creating spaces where students can enjoy their experience at the College, beyond purely academic pursuits.

Full-time students are charged a membership fee of $100 with their registration, $15 of which is transferred to a building fund for capital projects, many of them dedicated to creating student spaces.

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the Students’ Association Building Fund has contributed almost $3 million to a variety of building and improvement projects.

Most recently, these funds were used for a student food bank renewal project in 2015. This year, $38,000 was committed to adding and upgrading media in the DJ booth and lounge at Notre Dame Campus hangout The Cave.

But the Association’s mandate is much broader. “Anything that involves students, we have a hand in,” Taplin explains. Read More →