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Professional Photography

Photo by: Nicole Valgardson (alumni & gold winner of 2017 Manitoba Skills Competition)

The Professional Photography Program at Red River College is located at our Notre Dame Campus. We provide training in the technical, creative and business skills of photography in our digital lab and photography studio.

During this eight month program you will explore various photography styles, lighting and the latest in digital technology. The practical skills you will learn include: digital image manipulation, lighting, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera operation, exposure, composition, printing, editing, retouching and processing. You will have many opportunities to apply these skills at photo shoots, field trips and on-site assignments.

And, to prepare you for your career as a professional photographer, you will create your personal brand, including a portfolio, marketing materials, business cards, and an authentic social media presence.

If you’re ready to sharpen your creative edge and technical skills, this program is for you.

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