Professional Photography

The Professional Photography Program at Red River College is located at our Notre Dame Campus. We provide training in digital technology, techniques, and creative aspects of photography. During this eight month program you will explore various photography styles and technical aspects, including hand-on skills in digital editing. Practical work experience is provided through field experience, photoshoots and on-site in our digital lab and photography studio.

We balance photography instruction with business courses designed to develop your skills in marketing, project management, and entrepreneurship. Assignments in business document design and digital portfolio development may require a considerable amount of time outside of regular class hours. You are encouraged to also spend time outside the classroom taking pictures and enhancing you editing skills.

By the end of this program you will have created you own business cards, website and social media presence. In addition, you will have a portfolio to show to prospective customers and employers that captures your professional-quality photos.

If you have a desire to sharpen your creative edge and technical skills, this program may be for you.

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