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Sample DMD Demo Reels

October 17, 2017 • Written by

Here are two terrific demo reels from two Digital Media Design students. The first one is from a 3D major, and the second is from a Video and Motion Graphics major. Which one appeals to you?

Learn Motion Graphic Design

October 15, 2017 • Written by

The Digital Media Design program teaches motion graphic design, which nicely complements many of the other skill sets taught in the program: graphic design, 3D animation, DSLR video, photography, and web design. Below an example of a motion graphic assignment, which tasked the students to illustrate and animate a simple fact.

Here are three more mograph samples. The assignment was to create a 10 second motion graphic that starts and ends with a square. What they did in the middle was up to them. Students were told to focus on using simple shapes, great design, and audio/video synergy to create a compelling motion graphic.

Learn Digital Design

October 12, 2017 • Written by

The core of the Digital Media Design program is rooted in design, and there are several design classes every week for the entire two years. Students also study traditional and digital illustration. Below are examples of a second year design/illustration assignment where students had to make a poster of their favourite movie, TV show, band, or video game.


Learn Photorealistic Lighting and Rendering

October 1, 2017 • Written by

The goal of this assignment was to learn how to create realistic lighting and materials in 3D. Students used their camera and composition skills to try to replicate prime lens photography with plenty of depth of field. This was accomplished with Maya and Mental Ray.



Learn UX and Interface Design

December 3, 2016 • Written by


User experience, or UX for short, refers to how a person interacts with a company or brand. This includes interactions with websites, mobile apps, social media, as well as actual face-to-face interaction.

In DMD, we teach the key principles of designing a great user experience. We also teach about responsive web design, or designing for an equally great user experience across a wide range of devices (mobile, tablets, desktops, etc).

Learn Documentary Filmmaking and Promotional Video Production

December 3, 2016 • Written by

There is more and more demand for video production as seemingly everyone wants a video produced for their website or social media feed. Often these videos are story-based documentary-style profiles. In the video and motion graphics major, you will learn the art of storytelling as well as the technical aspects of filmmaking: shooting, lighting, audio, editing, and colour correction. Here are some sample videos produced by DMD students:

Learn Motion Tracking and Cinematography

December 1, 2016 • Written by

In DMD, we teach DSLR cinematography: you’ll learn camera settings, composition, lighting and audio. Here are some samples of students integrating motion graphics into their video production. The goal here was to focus on composition, movement, natural light, colour correction, and designing motion tracked graphics. Once students have mastered basic camera and lighting, we move on to advanced digital filmmaking techniques with a focus on storytelling.

Create Complex 3D Models

November 2, 2016 • Written by

Here are two of the 3D commercial product renderings from second year 3D Computer Graphics majors. The objective was to go beyond the typical turntable and show off the highly detailed modeling, texturing, and lighting through closeups, multiple camera moves, and cross fades.

Getting a Job…

August 1, 2015 • Written by

DMD graduates find work building websites and mobiles interfaces, shooting and editing video, creating and animating 3D graphics for video games, designing motion graphics, creating visual effects for film, and illustrating and designing graphics for other platforms. In general, our graduates work in one of four areas: 3D computer graphics, video and motion graphics, web/mobile design and development, and graphic design.

Some examples of places that have hired DMD graduates are Tactica, Think Shift, Direct Focus, Complex Games, ZenFri, Opus VFX, Tangent Animation, Handcraft Creative, Tripwire Media, Coelement, CBC, CTV, Global, Shaw, Relish Branding, Vantage Studios, Modern Earth, and McKim Communications.

Photography: Learn How to Take Pictures Professionally

October 16, 2013 • Written by

There’s certainly nothing wrong with using your phone as your main camera. And apps like Instagram are a lot of fun. But if you really want to take your photos to the next level, you’re going to have to learn how the pros do it. In DMD, you’ll learn to use the manual settings of a DSLR camera to make your pictures come to life. Photography and understanding composition, lighting, and colour are key skills you’ll need as a new media designer. After this course you’ll notice a huge improvement in the quality of your photos — even the ones you take with your phone.

The below pictures were taken in the Photography class, where students learned to shoot in both a studio setting and real world environments.

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