Online Education

The Online Education Advantage

When it comes to pursuing educational goals, location and scheduling are no longer the obstacles they once were.

Advantage #1: Convenient and Flexible

Online delivery allows you to learn when and where it’s convenient for you. Transform the drive time to College into time for work, family, and other activities.

Advantage #2: Savings

No commuting or relocation expenses to pursue advanced credentials

Advantage #3: Career Advancement

Keep your skills up-to-date to remain competitive in the job market.

Advantage #4: Set the Pace

Study year round to speed up the completion of your program or take your time to suit your schedule.

Advantage #5: Community

Experience a sense of community while participating in online courses. Online communities develop as you engage with others, sharing social and emotional experiences and learning. Depending on the course, you can study online or by paper-based courses and interact with your instructors and fellow students by email, teleconference or online chat.

Advantage #6: Transfer Credits

Many of our courses and programs are credits towards our full-time programs and degrees.

Advantage #7: Start Today

A number of our courses start at the beginning of each month. We’re ready when you are.

Explore all the programs that can be completed by online education.

Certificates Diplomas
Business Analyst Library and Information Technology
Business and Administrative Studies
Computer Applications
Educational Assistant
Human Resource Management
Library Training
Management Development
Project Leadership
Project Management
Software Development
Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator for Older Adults
Web Site Development

2018 Summer Term is Open for Registrations

You can now register for Summer Term classes. Many sections fill up fast so check on the online catalogue to ensure to your spot.

Review the Program Guide to see what courses are required in each program. Always review the online schedule as the print schedule is subject change.


Questions? Read the Online Education FAQ for more answers or call 204.694.1789 or 1.866.242.7073.

International Registrations

Students registering for Online Learning courses from outside of North America are subject to a surcharge of 40%. All tuition is paid in Canadian dollars and course materials are shipped by Air Mail.

Students who register online should send an email to giving us permission to process the 40% surcharge using the same method of payment that was used for their web registration.

It is recommended that students have a high speed internet connection as some courses may require download of memory-intensive material. All communication with the instructor will be via email.

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