Disability and Community Support

Learn to support children and adults with disabilities in a variety of community settings.

In this program you will develop the knowledge, skills and values required to support and enhance the development of children and adults with disabilities, in a variety of community settings. The program is offered as a workplace model. This means that individuals who are currently working in the field can take the program along with regular applicants.

As a student, you will learn how to assist individuals with disabilities to plan and achieve their personal goals and maintain their health and well-being. You will understand how to promote the development of inclusive communities, and display competent, responsible and professional behaviour and attitudes. You will also have an opportunity to experience a variety of community settings through your fieldwork, or practicum, which makes up about one quarter of the program.

Prior to starting the program, you will be invited to attend a program information session. Although optional, it is recommended you attend. You may also be asked to participate in an individual interview.

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