Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker at the Directions Conference

Bob Tallman
Chairman, Princess Auto

Entrepreneurial approach to building a company… key moments along the way

Bob will speak about the development of a very small business which his father bought in 1942 and the significant moments of change that occurred over the years that allowed the company to become the national retailer it is today. Bob will also discuss the challenges Princess Auto sees itself facing as they head into the next generation of leadership and ownership.

Bob has always believed that a private company has three main parties it must serve to find long term success. First and Foremost it must provide a supportive challenging environment for it’s people, one which will allow the company’s team members to look after the Customers who purchase our products. Finally the company must build exceptional relationships with it’s suppliers. Under Bob’s leadership Princess Auto has worked hard in those three areas to build its brand through 4 decades.