Administrative Assistant

Develop your skills for a career in a business or office environment.

Employees who are front and centre in an office setting reflect the face of an organization. This first impression for clients, suppliers, buyers or potential employees will set the tone for whatever follows. Administrative Assistants are often the first point of contact and their knowledge, proficiency and confidence are critical success factors in presenting a positive impression that leads to better business.

If you’re up for this challenge, then our Administrative Assistant program will provide you with the necessary training to contribute to highly effective workplaces.

After successful completion of the program you’ll be knowledgeable in a variety of technical and soft skills, including business office software, administrative procedures, communication, event planning and teamwork, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll and problem-solving.

You will have both the theory and practice to succeed in an entry-level administrative position today and the foundation to excel in your career path tomorrow.

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