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*Please note, new workshops will be posted soon, so, please stand by*

And check out our ESL Workshops. 

If you are looking for workshops in other programs, please check out the list below to see which programs have workshops:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Auto Tech / HDEM
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration Integrated
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Pre-Employment Level 1
  • HVAC / Refrigeration Pre-Employment
  • MET
  • Plumbing Pre-Employment Level 1

With the exception of Nursing Techniques, all workshops are open to all — you can join the workshop the day it is offered. There is no need to register. Any questions? contact Ron Hamerling.

Here are the current listings of the 2016 / 2017 Workshops in the programs listed above! 

Administrative Assistant / Business Math 

Tutor: Mike
Time: Tuesdays 12pm to 1pm
Place: E-108

Auto Tech / HDEM / ESL 

Tutor: Michelle
Time: Wednesday 8pm to 9pm
Place: M-225

Business Administration Term 1 / Business Math 

Tutor: Mike
Time: Wednesdays 9am to 10am
Place: E-210

Business Administration Term 1 / Business Math 

Tutor: Mike
Time: Fridays 1pm to 2pm
Place: D-203

Business Administration Term 1 / Financial Accounting 1 

Tutor: Mike
Time: Fridays 12pm to 1pm
Place: E-210

Business Administration Term 2 / Financial Accounting 2

Tutor: Mike
Time: Mondays 4pm to 5pm
Place: E-108

Business Administration Term 2 / Macro Economics 

Tutor: Dale
Time: Fridays 10am to 11am
Place: F-202

Business Administration Term 2 / Statistics

Tutor: Mike
Time: Mondays 9am to 10am
Place: E-107

Business Administration Term 4 / Cost Accounting

Tutor: Chani
Time: Wednesdays 3pm to 4pm
Place: D-207

Business Administration Term 4 / Intermediate Accounting 2

Tutor: Chani
Time: Wednesdays 2pm to 3pm
Place: D-102

Business Administration Term 4 / Investments and Securities

Tutor: Kyle
Time: Tuesdays 4pm to 5pm
Place: E-110

Business Administration Integrated Term 4 / Statistics

Tutor: Mike
Time: Mondays 2pm to 3pm
Place: F-216

Carpentry / Math 

Tutor: Scott
Time: Tuesdays 4pm to 6pm
Place: E-108

Electrical Pre – Employment Level 1

Tutor: Mohammed
Time: Tuesdays 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Place: E-210

HVAC / Refrigeration Pre – Employment / Math

Tutor: Mike O
Time: Tuesdays 4pm to 5:30pm (Starting January 31)
Place: E-109

MET / Calculus

Tutor: Ming
Time: Mondays 3pm to 5pm
Place: F-216

Plumbing Pre – Employment Level 1

Tutor: Adam
Time: Tuesdays 4pm to 5:30pm (Starting January 31)
Place: E-105