Connect with a Tutor

Tutoring at Red River College is provided to students currently enrolled in RRC courses. RRC students can access up to 12 hours of tutoring per term, subject to tutor availability.

To connect with a tutor, please visit the Academic Success Centre today:

Location Room Contact
Notre Dame Campus (NDC) D110 Ron Hamerling
Exchange District Campus (EDC) P210 Dayna Graham
Regional Campuses Ron Hamerling

Tip: Tutoring is subject to tutor availability. Sometimes it takes a few days to connect with tutor. Make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute!

Before you connect with a tutor, you’ll be asked to fill out a request form. You can print one and fill it out now to make the process go faster. Bring it along with you when you visit one of our offices.

NDC tutor request form →
EDC tutor request form →

After you submit your form, you’ll be given the name and contact information of a tutor to contact. It is then up to you to set up your weekly meetings. If a peer tutor is not available, you may be matched with a professional staff tutor.

Make sure you make the most of your tutoring session. 

We also have a series of workshops and reviews in high demand courses that you can attend on a drop-in basis.

More tutoring services: