Applied Research and Innovation Day Keynote

Todd Burns – Keynote Speaker

Todd Burns is the president and owner of Cypher Environmental Ltd., a leading global provider of environmental solutions for dust control, soil stabilization and water treatment based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Todd’s passion for the environment – combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and educational background in Business Administration gained at Red River College – has helped define Cypher’s innovation strategy, which is a key factor in driving the growth of the company.

Cypher has been recognized for their innovative and environmentally friendly approach in a number of ways, including being named a finalist for the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce 2016 Spirit of Winnipeg Award in the environmental category.

Todd is a proud mentor through Futurepreneur Canada (formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and is an active member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and a variety of other professional associations.

Todd’s keynote presentation:

Todd will present a brief history of Cypher Environmental, focusing on how they went from a fledgling organization to an innovation powerhouse exporting to some 30 countries and on the verge of seriously disrupting the global road dust control market with affordable and environmentally friendly products.

He will share why he started working with Red River College (as well as other post-secondary institutions) to address his research and development needs; how he tapped into federal funding sources to fund Cypher’s innovation agenda; and will provide practical guidance on how other businesses can better embrace innovation by partnering with academic research institutions like Red River College and others.

Profile of Cypher Environmental: