How do Students Access RPL?

If you are a prospective or current student seeking information on RPL, please contact:

RPL Advisor
Ann Pedersen
D101-2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Phone: 204.632.3094
Email: apedersen@rrc.ca

RRC faculty and staff who require information related to RPL resources, RPL professional development and training courses, or RPL projects and initiatives, please contact:

RPL Facilitator
Lauren Waples
Phone: 204.632.2065
Email: lwaples@rrc.ca

For specific information on RPL in the following programs, please contact:

  • Dental Assisting RPL at 204.632.2589
  • Early Childhood Education RPL at 204.632.2353
  • Nursing RPL at 204.632.3019
  • Health Care Aide RPL 204.632.2502
  • Disability & Community Support Program RPL 204.632.2573
  • Child and Youth Care RPL 204.632.3987
  • Teacher Education RPL 204.632.3765

Does RPL give credit for experience?

No, college credit is not awarded for experience. Credit for prior learning is awarded for the learning (i.e. what you know and can do in relation to course/program outcomes) gained from work and life experiences and/or formal study. Prior learning is any learning that an individual has acquired from formal education, work and/or volunteer experience, personal study and any other life activities (i.e.  hobbies, travel, training programs, community life, etc.) that resulted in knowledge and skills. Learners may have acquired college level learning through these significant work and life experiences. They have learning which may be equivalent to the knowledge, skills and abilities expected from college courses/programs. Experience by itself is not necessarily evidence of learning or, of learning that is equivalent to that required in college courses. RPL provides the learner with the opportunity to prove prior learning to the course/program outcomes.

How many course credits can be awarded through RPL processes?

It is possible to achieve a maximum of 75% credit in a program through the RPL processes. In most cases, the balance (i.e. 25%) must be earned in actual studies through RRC. The number of credits awarded depends upon the nature and extent of the individual’s learning and how well it matches the learning requirements for courses in a college program. This information, as well as any exceptions to the 75% policy, is outlined in the RRC Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policies and Procedures A14. If warranted, additional credits (i.e. more than 75% in a program) may be granted by the Dean of a School in consultation with Program Chair/Manager and RPL Facilitator.

How will RPL credit be awarded on a transcript?

Once a student has achieved course credits through RPL, the results are recorded on the learner’s RRC WebAdvisor account and an official college transcript may be requested. The College records successful RPL on transcripts in the same way in which grades are normally transcribed in a course. Where this is not appropriate, the designation “CR” (i.e. credit) will be used (College RPL Policy A14). Transfer of credit from recognized educational institutions will follow College RPL Policy A15 – Transfers between RRC programs and A16 – Transfers of Credits to RRC from Other Post Secondary Institutions. Unsuccessful RPL will be recorded as “Not Complete” (NC) in the student information system. Program faculty complete the “Results of Portfolio and/or Challenge Process Assessment” form and notify the learner in writing for both successful and unsuccessful RPL.

Where can students access information about RPL?

Prospective or current students seeking information on RPL can contact the RPL Advisor in the Registrar’s Office (D105 Notre Dame Campus).  Information related to RPL resources, RPL professional development & training courses, or RPL projects/initiatives is available from the RPL Facilitator (C519 Notre Dame Campus).

Students are encouraged to contact the College RPL Advisor in the Student Services/Registrar’s Office and/or to attend a RPL Orientation to learn how the RPL processes work at RRC. Currently RPL Orientations are held once a month throughout the academic year, in the evenings, and are free of charge. Other RPL Orientations are scheduled as requested by program areas, business, industry and other organizations. Students who miss an orientation may also set up an individual interview with the RPL Advisor to learn more about RPL at RRC.

Is there a RPL appeal process?

An appeal for a RPL process is handled in the same way as an academic appeal and follows the policies outlined in the College Policy S3 – Student Appeals.