RPL Professional Development and Training

Training and Professional Development Opportunities!

  • Are you interested in gaining a basic awareness of what RPL really is?
  • Do you want to gain knowledge, skills and abilities in advising, assessing and facilitating RPL?
  • Does your institution/organization need to develop quality RPL processes and services?

Red River College provides the RPL Practitioner Certificate including a variety of workshops and courses to assist with the effective development and implementation of RPL.

Basic and advanced courses in RPL are available through onsite workshops, online delivery, live video streaming, week long institutes and customized training. Courses can be customized to relate the principles and processes to specific environments and participant needs. All courses are facilitated by experienced RPL practitioners.

RPL Practitioner Certificate Flyer
RPL Foundation Course

Acquire the fundamental knowledge and skill to effectively implement RPL!  Learn about: the basic principles of RPL; how to develop learning outcomes, sound assessment practices, the portfolio and other methods of assessment; the role of the Advisor; Assessor and Facilitator and how to put RPL into context for development of a credible system. This 40 hour course is offered through RRC Continuing Education via onsite and online delivery. This course was formerly PLAR-1000 PLAR Foundation.

Next course delivery:

Fall 2015 (distance delivery – online)
RPL Foundation Summer Institute (June 6 – 10, 2016)

Portfolio Development Courses

RRC provides a variety of courses to assist participants to work through the basic process of portfolio development to develop a portfolio for personal growth, career development, providing evidence of prior learning for courses/programs, and for professional purposes.

Courses include:

  • Professional Portfolio Development Workshop series (16-20 hours)
  • Train the Trainer – Professional Portfolio Development Course (30 hours) – Learn how to develop a professional portfolio as well as train the trainer strategies for group facilitation of the portfolio development process. This is a credit course in RPL Practitioner Certificate.

Next course delivery (Train the Trainer: Portfolio):

Fall 2015 (Online Distance delivery)
Spring/Summer 2016 (Classroom delivery)

RPL Special Issues

Learn about key issues in RPL practice and new innovative practices in the RPL field. Gain experience in the development of project management skills, exploration of current research, implementation of RPL professional development, qualification recognition and explore related topics in the RPL field.

Next Course delivery:

Spring/Summer 2016 (online/distance delivery)

RPL Practitioner (advanced)

Next course delivery:

Winter 2016 (online/distance delivery)

RPL Practicum or Capstone Project

Specific dates to be confirmed as required