RRC Awards for Students with Disabilities

Students with Disability Award

Three $500 awards are available annually to assist students with disabilities (documented physical, mental, learning disabilities as well a visual and hearing impairments). Students who are experiencing significant financial need, and are maintaining satisfactory academic progress, may be eligible to receive an award.

To apply, speak with a manager/counsellor in Accessibility Services and include the following in your application package: documentation verifying disability, a letter of support from a manager/counsellor, and an essay or summary from you regarding your current situation or need.

Deadline for Application: Monday, December 4, 2017
Notification of Award: on or before Friday, December 15, 2017

Accessibility Services Director’s Award

One award of $500 will be presented annually to a student who is connected with Accessibility Services. Students will be nominated by a manager or counsellor in Accessibility Services for consideration. Selection will be based on the letters of support provided by the mangers/counsellors as part of the nomination process.

Deadline for Application: Monday, December 4, 2017
Notification of Award: on or before Friday, December 15, 2017

Student with Disabilities Crisis Bursaries

Bursaries are available annually to assist students with disabilities (physical, mental, or documented learning disabilities, including visual or hearing impairment). Students who are experiencing financial hardship may be eligible to receive a bursary.

  • The student is eligible to continue in program
  • The student has significant financial need that without assistance, may place them at risk for withdrawing from their program
  • The student has a documented disability
  • The student demonstrates efforts at academic progress
  • Inquiries should be directed to a manager or counsellor in Accessibility Services.

Maximum bursary is $500. Students may apply one time per year for a crisis bursary.

No deadline date. Bursaries are available until limited funds expire.


The Ethan Bruce Johnston Minaker Award

A $500 Award is being offered to encourage access to post-secondary education for students with disabilities. The Award will be offered to outstanding applicants who have a demonstrated strong commitment to the field of disability research, advocacy or support. Applications are available through the Counselling and Accessibility Services at Red River College or by request to minakerjohnstonaward@gmail.com.

Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship is provided to a student annually who has a diagnosed mental illness. Students must be registered in a post-secondary institution and provide documented proof of their mental illness. The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding applicants who meet the criteria of the program. The awards will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution (in the students’ accounts) that the recipients are attending to defray the cost of tuition fees for post-secondary study.

Learn more about the Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship →